Aaron Peever - Elinchrom initiation

August 6, 2012


Welcome to the Elinchrom years...

My new Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed light kit arrived last week and I was super excited to give it a good test during the beach shoot I had scheduled with Jennifer.  However, I didn't have to wait that long.  Today, the very talented Aaron Peever came over to get his headshots done.  I have to admit that my favourite photo from the series is the above image, yet it was taken using natural light and the Joe McNally Lastolite Tri-Grip modifier.  Go Figure!  That thing is simply amazing, although you have to grow a third hand if you want to keep moving.

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He consider which your use of Chinese luxury goods is to the second phase, each luxury goods brand incorporates a excellent more than one hundred with formed some culture and type. However, the current luxury goods consumers in Chine, less people be aware of the purpose of these goods.
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Leaf, Qin Shen Pang, Qiao Qiao and sign of emperor just ice son, rare appear at ordinary times, therefore Lee's taking care of is incognizant.
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works to conserve and regenerate coastal mangroves along India's eastern shores as well as transfer salttolerant genes from the mangroves to selected crops grown on the coast.Recognizing their work, the Indian government began a joint Mangrove Management Project in the 1990s, in local communities all along the east coast from Tamil Nadu to West Bengal in seven mangrove ecosystems.We restored about 5,000 hectares while the government restored 10,000 hectares, says Selvum.The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests now has a mangrove restoration program which is continuing with the help of local communities on the coast.We have a lot of degraded mangrove [areas] in Tamil Nadu almost onethird of the mangrove area in the state is destroyed completely. It's only now that the local communities, who barely listened to us before, are now seeing the use of the mangroves, which also help to preserve fishing waters, says Sridharan, a Tamil Nadu forestry official.One of Sridharan's workers was caught offshore in Cuddalor
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ials say they have no intention of interfering in the sovereign workings of the Ecuadoran justice system.International law experts say Mr. Williams is stuck in a kind of constitutional twilight zone, where American drug agents working behind the scenes through Ecuadoran proxies could do almost anything they want to increase the pressure on an imprisoned US citizen.It comes down to this issue: Whether the US government can prompt foreign governments to do things that the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments [to the US Constitution] would forbid our government from doing, says Christopher Blakesley, a law professor at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. They think that now the way they can resolve all the constitutional problems they face is to get foreign countries to do their dirty work.The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and federal prosecutors deny any wrongdoing. They insist Williams's situation in Ecuador is the result of independent actions taken by Ecuadoran officials without US involvement. In
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Well, it's true. After you get home, you may notice that the quaint little container of genuine pure fancy grade Vermont maple syrup carries the same price tag that puts it right up there with French perfume on a costpergallon basis.And don't forget the black and white stuff. Most Vermont cows, the ones that decorate the pastures so flatlanders can take their pictures, are Holsteins. They come in designer colors of black and white, slathered in random patterns across their hides.And those clever Vermonters have persuaded otherwise sensible flatlanders that anything painted in random patterns of black and white is quaint, cute, and costly. Coffee cup, salt shaker, sugar bowl, milk pitcher, if it can contain anything, if it can just sit on the shelf and trap dust, it's more desirable, and collectible, and valuable, in the scheme of Vermont's favorite cows.But don't dismiss the lure of the leaf it's an honest bait.This small rumpled corner of New England, say the forestry specialists, is one of only two places in th
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ss randomness of some professional careers.Bonney, unlike the agents and managers of the dollarsandcents world, says she's happy to give guidance, expertise, and encouragement to singers on any level.Her only requirementThose who intend to pursue a professional career in singing need not apply. Please give the amateur a chance! she declares.The friendly, casual environment at concert events typically provides a nurturing experience for the students.Professionals may sound better, but that isn't the point, Rust says. He says he would tell any critical listener who prefers professional performers over amateurs: Who wouldn'tBut if the amateurs are my friends, I want to hear them, too.What Bonney is doing for nonprofessional voices, other domains of music have already developed successfully. The New Yorkbased organization Amateur Chamber Music Players states that its mission is to facilitate informal playing and singing by people of all ages and nationalities, from beginners to professionals.The group's 4,200 mem
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ly in the depths, dust to dust.Some houses are equipped with tall green affairs known as wheelybins. The binmen roll them to their lorry, lock them onto a tipping device, and untouched by human hand the contents are engorged.There is a wheelybin story going the rounds.A binman asks a householder: Where's yer bin?I've been to Spain, she replies.No I mean where's yer wheelybin?I've really been to Spain, she insists.OK some jokes are just rubbish.But one thing sets the recent graduation at the Pine Street Inn apart from the dozens that flood Boston each spring: The graduates are all homeless.Completing a 13week course in food service or a threeweek jobreadiness program may not seem like much, but for many of the 202 individuals who finished such programs at Pine Street last year, this was the first time they had graduated from anything.Sen. John Kerry, who delivered the keynote speech, was the biggest name on the program, but the wildest cheers greeted Debbie Durgin's announcement that she now has a steady job a
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ld affairs.The regulations, released Wednesday by the Department of Education, mark a major shift in the interpretation of Title IX, approved 34 years ago to bar sex discrimination in schools.It's a change that has intensified a longrunning debate over whether boys and girls learn better in a singlesex environment, with critics warning the regulations may roll back years of hardwon ground.Even the Department of Education, in announcing the rules, acknowledged research is mixed and backed away from endorsing singlesex classrooms.The research, though it's ongoing and shows mixed results, suggests that singlesex education can provide benefits to some students under certain circumstances, said Assistant Secretary of Education Stephanie Monroe, in a news briefing. She emphasized any singlesex environment would be voluntary, and an equivalent coeducational option would be available.Research on the practice has been controversial. Theories that each gender has different learning styles or brain growth, or that boys are
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From what we know now, the speculative report from Arizona FBI agent Kenneth Williams about Arab trainees at American flying schools did not reach topmost levels of the FBI before Sept. 11, let alone the White House. The CIA briefing of the president about Arab hijacking threats was general and unspecific.The question to be most usefully asked and answered is not the current one in Washington, namely, What did the president know, and when did he know itThe question that should be asked is: What does the president know now that he didn't know then, and what is he doing about it?It is regrettable, but not totally surprising, that a peacetime America was unprepared for the Sept. 11 assault on the homeland.Few Americans could imagine the audacity, the ingenuity, or the depth of venom that characterized the terrorists' attack.It may be useful to investigate past deficiencies in, and culpability for, this lack of preparedness. But much more important than fingerpointing for past omissions is the commissioning of cha
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he divorce rate in the United States to be cut in half by 2010. To that end, he trains older couples to mentor other couples in their congregations, helping to shore up troubled marriages and improve good ones. Similarly, in Amy's Britain, the Church of England is urging churches to offer couples better preparation for marriage.Other efforts are secular. Marriage professionals make a persuasive case for more premarital counseling. Helping engaged couples to identify potential areas of conflict, they say, leads some to decide not to marry. Those who do wed benefit from courses that teach them how to communicate effectively, argue constructively, and appreciate the qualities that drew them together initially.Such programs do more than prevent divorce. They also build confidence in marriage. Experts point out that without such confidence, cohabitation, with its socially hazardous tendencies lack of commitment, higher rates of breakup and violence, children born out of wedlock will continue to rise.Still other effo
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onal guest star, such as clarinetist Richard Stolzman or guitarist Mark O'Connor. In addition, there are a number of featurettes, games such as Musical Jeopardy, Third Degree, Fact or Fiction, and Desert Island Disk. O'Riley has even been known to enter into Dueling Pianos or Name That Tune with young pianists.A feature that has become a favorite of audiences and participants is the Amazing Audience Choice Award, in which the audience casts ballots for the performer or ensemble they'd like to hear give an encore. While many music educators have cringed at the Star Search implications, the producers work hard to make it a positive aspect of the show.One of the things we seemed to have lost the last decade is the art of 'foreground listening,' Slavet says. Even a lot of publicradio classical music is meant to be used as background music while working. The art of listening to something in the foreground needs to be cultivated.With this game, you can't pick a favorite unless you really listen.Meanwhile, the performer
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ld label of barbarism for the feudal practice of abandoning its most vulnerable children. Yet the government sympathizes with its rural citizens. Beyond sympathy, China's leaders fear disgruntled peasants, who have overthrown many past dynasties, including the last one.With countryside cities and towns closed to outside visitors, the government has been able to strike a humane pose for the world. In the '80s many city orphanages were converted to child welfare institutes and World Bank loans provided some care for the children who made it into open cities and public view. But no one picked up the babies left at rural roadsides.That fact hit me squarely in the face when we found one such little girl. The spring night in Sichuan was warm and moist, typical of China's breadbasket. David, a fellow teacher, had dropped his bike and burst into our house at an odd hour of the evening. There was a baby by the park, in a bamboo baby backpack!Alyosha's arrival in America changed all that. Although I tried to reinforce his
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Take a concept as straightforward as a political contribution. The law says that no person can contribute more than $1,000 to a candidate for federal office in an election cycle and nothing at all to a presidential candidate in a general election who has accepted public financing. The law even makes it clear that contributions include inkind contributions equipment, space, or transportation, for example.Sounds simple enough. But the law isn't always what it says it is it's what the courts say it is. And courts interpret laws not merely according to the written word, but in contemplation of constitutional constraints, legislative intent, and, occasionally, the judges' own predilections.And so it turns out that there are many ways to contribute money that are not contributions at all. For example, a federal candidate might consider it a great contribution to his campaign if I buy a costly fullpage ad in The New York Times. If I have done this on my own, without consulting the candidate's campaign, I have made an
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de, also finds a strong connection across a wide range of issues. And, in part because of better access to opinion data, legislators appear more responsive to the public than ever before.The Republican embrace of the Contract with America in 1994 and then quick renunciation of certain parts of it in 1995 provide a vivid example of both the growing importance of public opinion to today's leaders and how poorly it is sometimes understood.In 1994, House (and, to a lesser extent, Senate) Republicans sought to scale back environmental regulations, one of the 10 points in the contract. They were named the worst environmental Congress in two decades. Barely a year later, many of the same legislators censured this position just as vigorously.In March 1996, Speaker Newt Gingrich, formerly called the next environmental threat, remarked: The Republican Party's view should be that we want to have the healthiest, safest, cleanest environment we can. He was soon branded a closet environmentalist by propertyrights groups. In bo
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iar citizens, such as an American woman who agonizes over her brother's death, an Englishman obsessed with a Spanish woman he met at a masked ball, and an Iraqi artist who describes her house filled with relatives and friends during the Gulf War.Curator Christine Nelson wants to show another side of history. We read about public events, she says, but the real stuff of history is about cooking and marriages and personal events.Part of the pleasure of the exhibits is the sense of intimacy the reader has from seeing the original handwriting and physical books, often tattered from use and age. Some passages are written in code, like the backward mirror writing used by a Norwegian immigrant sailor when he wrote about his future wife.Mr. Steinbeck kept two journals while he was working on East of Eden. While he wrote brief, banal entries in his life diary Got new shorts and socks. Went to dinner. Good split pea soup he struggled with writer's block in the work journal: I must have the determination to proceed. If I d
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ifle the powers of Saddam Hussein. As UN members return [in September] to discern their progress, we want to be here and hold up a report card, Kelly says. A lethargy of indifference has set in.Judith Kipper of the Council on Foreign Relations says the protesters spend too much time blaming the UN and not enough focusing on the role of Hussein.This humanitarian issue bubbles up, she says, but this is a really bad regime, dangerous to its neighbors.When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the UN imposed the toughest sanctions and oil embargo in its history. Under Security Council resolutions, sanctions may not be lifted until Iraq has fully dismantled its weapons of mass destruction. But when the US and Britain launched a fourday attack on Iraq in 1998, Saddam Hussein denied UN inspectors admission into Iraq to gauge the dismantling progress, and they have yet to be readmitted.In response to increased criticism, the Bush administration drafted smart sanctions in June that, while tightening the weapons embargo, aim to eas
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ying with the few remaining green beans on her plate. No one in my class has read it, not even the teacher. Not even Mrs. Singer.I'm confused, honey, I said. Did you say Mrs. Singer would read the book?As she responded, I sat quietly, awed by the graciousness of a teacher who agreed to read this lengthy novel, just so a student she'd never met before would have someone with whom to discuss it. Mrs. Singer had always wanted to read it anyway, Michele told us, and now a strong incentive had come her way.Are you sure she has timeI asked, hoping the teacher would not disappoint our daughter. Michele's world consisted of books and music, not dates, proms, football games, or school clubs. Her adolescent years were being lived in her head. Mrs. Singer was entering sacred space.Two weeks later our daughter asked if she could spend the following Friday night with Mrs. Singer and her husband in their condominium on the beach. Since the teacher lived some distance from both our home and the school, she had invited Michele
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raq war and the attacks.Even planned commemorations have been marred by political division and controversy. The Spanish government will mark the tragedy with a short ceremony in the Retiro Park. At the request of Ms. Manjon's group, that ceremony will be silent.But another group, the Association of Victims of Terrorism, which has criticized the government's treatment of the victims, will hold a separate ceremony in the park, one hour after the official one.For some of the people most deeply affected by the attacks, those ceremonies have little meaning. Jesus Abril's son Oscar died in the bombings, but Mr. Abril plans to spend the day at home. I'm going to turn off my cellphone, lock the door, close the blinds, he says. For us, there is no commemoration, only mourning.Geoff Pingree contributed to this article from Madrid.But even as negotiations continue, the humanitarian tragedy in the western region of Sudan threatens to deteriorate further.Forces ranging from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the activis
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only if enacted by Congress.Finally, on Wednesday a highprofile case on census figures pits minority and urban interests against federal officials and rural states.A coalition of urban cities and the city and state of New York will argue that Commerce Department officials did not adjust statistics for the 1990 US population census, when they knew the census undercounted ethnic and racial minorities. They want the secretary of Commerce to justify his decision not to revise the census.Because census figures determine the reapportionment of Congress, the shape of legislative districts, the makeup of city councils, and government funding formulas, the issue is hotly contested.The Commerce Department under Secretary Ron Brown (and the Clinton administration) will argue that Bush administration Commerce officials acted in good faith using the best statistical formulas available. They say the issue is distributive accuracy, not numeric accuracy.But the Second Circuit Court of Appeals found in 1994 that the census adjus
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tances, the trail of a creditcard receipt or bank account linked to terrorism is impossible to follow to its end.Nor are there untold millions to follow. If anything, bin Laden's organization is remarkable for how little cash it has needed.But the order could make it more difficult for bin Laden associates to operate, while increasing the pressure on countries that shield terror networks, and building links to allies in the fight against the modern era's faceless foe.Freezing assets helps remind people that our strategy against terrorism doesn't have to be ... solely military, says Jim Walsh, a political scientist at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.As the US tries to increase the financial pressure on bin Laden, it is important to remember that his group is more than a band of fanatics who call Afghani huts home. According to testimony presented in the recent New York trial of suspects in the 1998 bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, bin Laden's Al Qaeda is an odd, partly selffinancing
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ant endorsement of terrorism, make it a worrisome potential keeper of a nuclear arsenal.While the US has been skeptical about the Europeans' negotiations, it has agreed to support them in return for a European agreement to take the issue before the United Nations Security Council if the negotiations fail. The US cooperation with the Europeans on Iran is also in line with the Bush administration's general desire for better overall relations with its European allies.From the American point of view, diplomacy is currently a more prudent course than more muscular efforts, such as the use of force, in an attempt to dissuade Iran from pursuing the nuclear option. A US military invasion of Iran is not in the cards. American public opinion would be hard to rally in support.While there is admiration for the US among many younger Iranians, they are also strong nationalists and a US invasion would likely trigger a tsunami of antiAmericanism.Internationally, following the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
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he respected Beirut paper and no fan of Hizbullah, featured a cartoon showing Dr. Rice trying to quell Lebanon's war fires with an eye dropper.?An international force is no magic solution whether it deploys independently or in conjunction with the Lebanese army. Many soldiers in the army are Shiites, and they are more likely to applaud Hizbullah than to disarm it. As for the international soldiers, what will happen when Israel, with a robust record for recidivism, raids Lebanon, kidnaps or kills Lebanese, or attempts to prevent Lebanese from returning to their homes in a unilaterally imposed buffer zoneHizbullah draws many of its members from the south. Will they be excluded from their own villagesThe record of intervention in Lebanon reveals that even the wellintentioned may become part of the problem.?For both the US and Israel, Hizbullah is an extension of Iranian influence. Yet, it is likely that Iran is going to be a major beneficiary of Israel's new war in Lebanon. To the extent the Shiites feel they we
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appears to have originated with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a Kuwaiti who claims to have been a radical jihadist since age 16 and who provided some of the money that financed the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.In early 1999, bin Laden summoned [Mohammed] to Kandahar to tell him that his proposal to use aircraft as weapons now had al Qaeda's full support, says a commission report.The details of how that plot was carried out how operatives filtered into the US, took flight training, and took training flights crosscountry are fairly well known. But according to details provided by the commission, it was far from a precision operation, despite the tragedy of its ultimate success.To begin with, the operation was quickly scaled back from Mohammed's grandiose vision. He had wanted 10 aircraft involved, with nine meant to hit targets on the US coasts. He himself would fly the 10th plane but rather than crashing it, he would kill all males on board, land, and make a speech denouncing US policies in the Middle East before
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ing the PRI, whose dissolution would, in effect, get rid of the current government/ruling party coziness, which accounts for most of the country's corruption).I would also call for a new constitutional convention both to examine presidentialism and its alternatives and to make a real commitment to justice, accountability, incorruptibility, fairness in the media, and, in short, to true democracy.That's the kind of change a multinational CEO, the US ambassador, and the US State Department could live with.P.S. A message about foreign capital to President Zedillo: If you build a democracy, it will come.Cheer up, there's still time to exchange it for a slow cooker, or crockpot. They're a hot item again, and infinitely more useful than that cumbersome, electric salad chopper.But which oneCrockpot or slow cookerWhich is bestWhat's the differenceOh, a slow cooker. They're really 'in' right now, a friend recently exclaimed. Crockpots are old hat.Actually. they're pretty much one and the same. CrockPot is the regi
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ven if a withdrawal comes, it may be this legacy of division of Lebanese fighting against Lebanese that will be the hardest to overcome.Often neglected as neighboring Arab states and Israel search for a Mideast peace, Lebanon's fractured south, occupied by Israelis and their Lebanese proxies who run the prison, could remain unsettled long after Israeli troops are gone.A daily reminderMs. X, for example, sees her torturer and his children nearly every day on the streets.The main problem will be collaborators, she says of the eventual withdrawal. I may hate my interrogator I see him in the street but I don't hate his children. I have nothing against them.Though Ms. X says she holds no grudges, she expects the government of Lebanon to punish those responsible for her torture. If they don't, then her time in jail would be wasted in vain. Her words are calm but strong, tempered by the several years that have passed since she was behind bars.I hate them not because they are Israelis, she says, her fingers still and
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Duda figures prices will rise a little slower in the years ahead.This year, house prices will increase 3 to 4 percent, predicts Nothaft. That compares with a 7 percent clip in each of the past two or three years.One concern is affordability. If house prices continue to rise faster than incomes, will lower or middleincome people be able to cover payments on a house?Banks and other makers and buyers of mortgage loans own, in a sense, a large chunk of homes. In 1982, homeowners themselves held about 70 percent of the total value of their homes on average. Now it is about 55 percent. That shift, explains Mr. Duncan, is largely explained by the growth in home ownership.The proportion of households who own their own homes has surged to a record 68 percent in the fourth quarter of 2001, up from 64 percent a decade ago. More lowincome households have been able to buy their own homes.The latest census data shows that 5 percent, or almost 2 million, of 38.6 million homeowners with one mortgage or more had no equity or neg
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den teller som det er for audience.kathryn windham , en grandmotherly kvinne som sr-aksent kunne smelte asfalt , vet at godt . hovedtaler , fortalte hun sin ungdom i thomasville , ala hun delte den tiden hun annonserte til menigheten at hun nsket shimmy ( en oncepopular dans) til orgelet music.if du shimmied , sier ms windham med et smil , du kunne ikke komme til himmelen . detaljer som den sexy gange og hret til en gutt hun beundret , og hvordan hennes f
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or og bundet dole i en iowa halm stemme . som etablerte forventninger om at han ikke klarte mte nr han plassert femte i caucuses pmonday.cajun blueslouisiana , i mellomtiden , viste seg vre en laber affre bare en liten prosentandel av republikanerne mtte opp og mange caucuses var uorganiserte . gramm lovet seier. hans tap forrige uke viste deleggende. '' vi satt i baren for hyt, '' en kampanje aide said.moreover , sint han partiet tjenestemenn i b
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d for fred er gjre ledere mer flexible.never fr har vanlige folk spilte en aktiv rolle i forbedre forholdet . i tidligere tider , bare regjeringer og intelligentsiaen var hovedaktrer , sier mubashir hasan , en pakistansk ekspert pfred process.building pgoodwill generert av ny buss knytte muzaffarabad srinagar og delhilahore , en buss forbinder lahoreamritsar vil bli lansert neste mned . visa protokoller blir ogsavslappet pbegge sider for pilegr
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konomien pkort sikt . husholdningene ikke tilbringe mye av sin skatt savings.over plengre sikt , er bush -teamet vurderer store taxcode endringer . den personlige inntektsskatten ville bli erstattet , med unntak for de med hye inntekter , ved den type nasjonal omsetningsavgift vanlig i europa .sden drlige nyheten : presidentens popularitet blant menn har samtidig declined.when mr. bush fanget oval office, vant han frst og fremst fordi 53 prosent av ma
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e av de japanske newsmen bedt om sekretr haig ta pamerikanske presseoppslag av politiske uenigheter og innbyrdes kamper mellom mr. haig og forsvarsminister caspar weinberger . alt tull , svarte haig i de siste sekundene av intervjuet. forholdet er godt. hvorfor har vi frokost sammen minst en gang i uken og det er ingen der bortsett weinberger , meg selv og vre foodtasters.with at skjermen gikk tom , og mlls japanske korrespondenter igjen lurer phvor m
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r ha blitt utsatt for kosmisk strlingstudentene er fortsatt testing , noe som gjr sammenligninger , og skrive opp resultatene av deres experiment.thousands av studenter har vrt involvert i forsk pplass shuttle.many , som elevene ved st. vincent , fr hjelp fra en hyskole eller universitet som gir rom for studenten eksperimentere sammen med sine egne prosjekter . i 1995 ble et nytt program finansiert , space experiment module ( sem ) carrier system .
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owell , denise curry , don haskins , alex engelsk , joan crawford , og antonio diazmiguel . carril , som sluttet seg til kings forrige sesong, sier han ikke savner ikke hgskolen spillet . men ikke han fle seg litt malplassert flytte fra puritanske ivy league til den glitrende nba ikke enn, sier han . jeg merker det, men jeg kan ikke la det pvirke me.carril , som var kjent som en rumpledshirt dresser pj. crew campus , fungerer som en yodalike star wars
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politiet selv , generelt lav i rekkene og drlig betalt . hp om raske endringer i livet under svart flertallsregjering har ikke brakt strre lnn , kampanjer til topps , og slutt pen ofte autokratiske hierarchy.also bekymringsfullt er hvordan african national congressled koalisjonsregjeringen vil tyle opprrer politiet i det tidligere kwazulu hjemland som ser seg selv som en autonom enhet. den tidligere politi ble brukt til bekjempe anc under fraksjonska
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opp sprsml om menneskerettigheter i nord-korea av frykt for souring relasjoner med nord , observerer han . bli fdt som en modell for menneskerettigheter , br sr- korea betale mer oppmerksomhet til nord-korea , too.a tidligere student aktivist ved seoul national university, sier kim at koreanerne mfrst avgjre historiske sprsml og lover prve alle midler for finne fakta om flere massakrer , inkludert de av koreanske militre politiet og nordkor
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t av bde konservative og reagan demokrater bluecollar arbeidstakere hovedsakelig i midwest.a langskudd , men buchanan har minst to viktige ting gr for him.first , ville de fleste observatrer er enige med mr. choate at han er den beste politiske taler pscenen i dag . han er morsom , han er skarp , han avslappet. han ser ut til vite hva han snakker om uten vre nedlatende og droning pom herligheter flat skatt eller hvordan miljet br vre det sentral
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i endring for store penger i washington vil bli arbeidet med deregulere telekom den mest tungt lobbyvirksomhet regningen av 107th congress.the house bill , kalt tauzindingell etter sine sponsorer , ville lfte forskrifter som blokkerer regionale bell telefonen selskaper fra utvide inn i markedet for highspeed internet service . det setter baby bells mot kabel gigantiske atampt og andre langdistanse carriers.both sider har allerede brukt nesten $ 40 million
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sk er angrepet beskrives som en stor militr achievement.takubo ' s synspunkter sammenfaller med de konservative nasjonalister som er stadig mer oppmerksomhet i japan det siste. de sier hver nasjon har rett til lre sin egen versjon av historien . filmen , pluss den forestende ankomst i japan av den kontroversielle 1999 boken day of svik : the truth about fdr og pearl harbor robert stinnett , sier han, kan gjenpne diskusjonen om hva som egentlig skjedde p
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tarten psin presidentperiode ansporet av hans kontroversielle valg og konservative agenda og etter 9 /11, kom tilbake . den usled invasjonen av irak i mars 2003, etterfulgt av en langvarig og kostbar okkupasjon , forseglet retur av intense polariseringen . innen oktober 2004 , like fr bushs gjenvalg, 94 prosent av republikanerne godkjent av presidentens jobb ytelse , mens bare 11 prosent av demokratene gjorde. det 83point forskjell knuste alle moderne poste
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onale lover som ikke klarte gi tilstrekkelig rettslige myndighet. i bde italia og panama, for eksempel , har domstolene avvist tilfeller selv nr menneskehandlerne var i varetekt , fordi de vpen det er snakk om ikke faktisk passere gjennom deres territorium (en rute til afrika i ett tilfelle , og til colombia i den andre) . for noen uker siden , viste high school-elever i england hvor enkelt det er komme seg rundt regelverket ved sette opp et fiktivt s
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ist upn vermchtnis , eine historische lowgrade seife mit vielen mnnern mit gemeielten kinn , schne mdchen und pferde.arthur cleveland bent , naturalistfor kanadier , die vertraute schrei des loon rollen unheimlich aus
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vi til canada. jeg har aldrig fortalt udlejerens sn, nu er installeret der. anyway, de hvder, at de ikke har tid til at fiske . smske .... husk, at dammen bag vores hus i malaysiaalexander sprger da han snupper den ketchup.only en dam under monsunen sson , svarer jeg . bagefter ville skrumpe igen blotte swamp.no lngere. han bider ind i en anden havkat sandwich.although jeg lrte ham at fiske, da han var knap gammel nok til at holde en pl , han erhvervede sin sande smag for fisk og skaldyr 20 r siden , da vi boede i to r i en spreadout landsby ppeninsular malaysia stkyst . han deltog i en lille international skole fo
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foregr lige nu i europa om jerusalems fremtid efter valget , '' opkrvet netanyahu pen kampagne pressemde sndag, iscenesat under likud nye kampagne slogan : . '' peres vil dele jerusalem '' netanyahu tilfjede '' hvis de [ regeringen ] siger, at jerusalem vil forblive den mde, at det er i dag , shvad er der at tale om'' hjreorienterede israelske grupper cirkulerer flyers rundt i byen advarsel om, at genvalg af peres ville udlse en '' overfrsel af jder '' fra hovedstaden. '' vi vil ikke lade nogen tie os om dette sprgsml. vi taler om hjertet af folket. samtalerne foregr om, hvordan labor har planer om at dele jerusa
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kanske regering , da de senere r af bush formandskab har hjulpet fond agility bevgelse, dels pgrund af stammerne til forsvar konvertering, og dels for at gre amerika mere konkurrencedygtige. midler er blevet kanaliseret gennem national science foundation og advanced research projects agency, forskning arm af forsvarsministeriet . clinton-administrationen opgraderet og intensiveret sdan support.separately , nogle 30 stater sponsor centre undervisningssamarbejde i fremstillingsindustrien at hjlpe smleverandrer fr ombord moderne produktion , siger aris melissaratos , en vice president hos westinghouse electric corp.among de
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ng om at rette sig efter upopulre aftaler vender omstridte lander til kina. de er usikker, hvis jeltsins rival ved prsidentvalget i juni , gennady zyuganov , ville gre same.right nu ledelsen foretrkker jeltsin , fordi de ikke er sikker p, hvilken slags person zyuganov er , siger en kinesisk analytiker, som deltog i et mde for nylig kinesiske rusland eksperter i beijing . de er glade ... fordi han siger, at han vil re agreements.beijing og moskva har lnge haft testy bnd pgrund af deres 2700 miles grnse, hvor de skirmished under deres 30 r kommunistiske ideologiske split . i 1995 , men den bilaterale handel nede 5460 mil
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pitt pet tidspunkt gik ind for udnvnelsen af john biggs , en pensioneret pensionfund manager, der understtter kontroversielle reformer. accountingindustry lobbyister har vret pres bush-administrationen og kongressen til at blokere hans appointment.some republikanerne presser pfor den indstillede til at vre william webster, en tidligere direktr for cia og fbi.a separat bekymring er sec finansiering. bush-administrationen beder om 200 millioner dollar mindre i agenturets hndhvelse budget end blev efterlyst i en ny lov til bekmpelse virksomhedernes fraud.moreover nogle forslag , der opstod i klvandet penron stadig ska
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olytechnic institute.here pdenne campus med udsigt over hudson river i troy , ny, og en hndfuld af gymnasier og universiteter landsdkkende , er freshman r bliver radikalt nye vrtjer eller, som et par antyder , reinvented.since verdenskrig har rensselaer og andre forskningsuniversiteter pakket hundreder af freshmen i store auditorier til intro -kurser. siddende i tiers (og muligvis trer ) , er de tilbage hb om at de vil forbinde plang afstand med en podiumbound professor eller hans graduatestudent assistant.the langt strstedelen af freshmen plandets 126 forskningsuniversiteter stadig lre under denne model , ptrods
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lpe med at lindre psykiske smerte, jeg entusiastisk annonceret planer om at skrive et brev til prsidenten for at lade ham vide nogle af hans kinder , blidere meddelelser ikke havde gjort en indvirkning . mit barns jne udvidet ligesom mnen trter. hvad prsidentden, der bor i det hvide hus, jeg forsikrede him.as george w. bush forbereder sig pat tage ed og blive den 43. prsident, kan jeg ikke hjlpe , men krligt minde om, at skrivelsen og uventede svar fra den ldre bush . hans medflende respons medtaget dette : jeg er ogsked af, at i denne dag og tid, kunne racefordomme udtrykkes ved dem, sunge . vi har langt at gfor
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s kernland des mittelalterlichen serbien, war die key.milosevic behauptete kosovo -serben , die wurden ethnische suberung von albanern ausgesetzt . im jahr 1989 , versammelt milosevic mehr als eine million serben auerhalb pristina, der hauptstadt des kosovo , um den 600. jahrestag der schlacht auf dem amselfeld gedenken. obwohl die eindringenden t
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sit bud pgenvalg. reagan blev for travlt med at skre skatterne for de rige at genere med kommissionens anbefalinger. ( desuden er ikke billig arbejdskraft anden form for skat cut ) rsagen blev taget op af senator alan simpson (r) i wyoming og rep romano mazzoli (d) i kentucky. i 1986 skubbede de gennem lovgivning , der ophvede den texas proviso . det etablerede bder for arbejdsgivere, der bevidst anstter illegale . men der var en enorm smuthul : arbejdsgiverne havde ikke ndt til at tjekke , om de dokumenter, der fremlgges af jobansgere var gyldige eller fake.by 1991 amerika var i en recession. konomien havde mistet en mi
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[ manuell utrydding program] inn i en utrolig komplisert scene i en veldig brmte , sier ricardo vargas , direktr for acci
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hvad nu, kender vi ikke de respektive roller militre og private virksomheder inden for projektet under kontrakt med militret. vi ved ikke, i hvilket omfang regeringens engagement i de nyhedshistorier blev afslret , eller helt skjult. vi ved ikke, om det var et projekt, der er godkendt phjt niveau eller udtnkt af nogle gungho lavere officials.it er ogsrigtigt , som en militr talsmand i bagdad erklrede , at oprrerne mister ingen mulighed for at udnytte de irakiske medier med negativ oplysninger om de amerikanske og irakiske government.but mange amerikanske embedsmnd og amerikanske journalistiske organisationer uden for re
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ivisten nan aron , formand for alliancen for justice . der er en enorm fristelse til at vre ptil den nste nominering , men en stemme for roberts er afstemningen din frygt , at den nste vil vre worse.by slutningen af den anden dag i afhring , uden rygning pistoler eller gotcha jeblikke i syne den svrm af aktivister pbegge sider af disse hringer begyndte stille og roligt at tale om den nste nomination.many af de sprgsml demokraterne stillet af den anden dag [ af hringerne ] var signaler for den nste kandidat , siger julian zelizer , en kongressens historiker ved boston universitet . ved onsdag eftermiddag , grupper
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relt mere afdmpet sound.likewise , takket vre myspace og musik blogs , har indie fans udviklet en distinkt stil af deres egne, at blive kendt som arrogante eliten , altid pjagt efter det band , som ingen andre nogensinde har hrt of.given denne ubarmhjertige snobberi , er der faktisk kun to ting, en kronikr indie-rock kan gre for at skne sig selv den barske dom fanskare . den ene er at slsnobber pderes eget spil og slip navnene psmange obskure bands som muligt. (selvom chancerne er, at mindst
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re folk kjpe inn merkevaren din , begynner det ha mindre cachet.good for business, men ... tommy hilfiger , for eksempel , ble sallestedsnrvrende i 1990-rene med tilfeldig sportsklr , at designeren nylig lansert en ny finere og dyrere linje av klr. h hilfiger linjen er begrenset til litt mer enn 100 butikker , for bidra til bevare designerens prestige.instead av de allamerican tenringer som brukes til pryde annonser, rockestjerne david bowie o
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rtjent advantages.so president bush ble ikke ut av linjen for gmed ndemokratiske lederne i latvia , litauen og estland i riga i helgen og brste av russlands president vladimir putins raserianfall fordi han gjorde det . det understreker den amerikanske presidentens alvor om oppmuntre og sttte demokrati rundt world.putin misliker det han ser som usas innblanding i de tidligere sovjetiske satrapier som brukes til surround russland . mr. bush skyter tilb
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de ville ha beskytte den mot autoritre elementene og skape demokratiske institusjoner sterke nok til overleve den endelige avgang av amerikanske okkupasjonsstyrkene . ellers ville en annen militr diktator en ny saddam dukke opp, og washington ville mte en fornyet trussel mot sitt ml om fred og stabilitet i den persiske gulf region.installing og bevare et demokratisk irakisk regjering ville innebre en nasjonsbygging oppdrag av ubestemt varighet som vil
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ndue i, hvordan den mest betydningsfulde demografiske udvikling i amerika i dette rhundrede kan pvirke en bys handel og identity.phoenix var en slags anglo enklave da det blev grundlagt , siger gary keller crdenas , direktr for hispanic research center parizona state university . nu er det accelererer til en hjere sats end resten af landet, men fra det nederste base.among de tegn pforandring : * den spansktalende befolkning i phoenix vokser tre gange hurtigere end den nonhispanic befolkning * hispanic business magazine har rangeret phoenix som . nationens nr. 2 markedet for nye hispanic virksomheder. * de to lokale spanishla
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bare betalt politiet 25 millioner baht ( $ 586 000 ) for la ham escape.the spillereglene er, hvis du har penger, kan du gfri , sier pastor joe maier , en prest som ofte omhandler politiet i sitt arbeid i bangkoks slums.thailand , men forsker slned pgrenseoverskridende kriminalitet . landet har strammet visumpolitikk pnoen utenlandske statsborgere , og mr. khachadpai av national security council har foresltt en radikal forandring av visum rules.th
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t terug in boston gegaan , vanwaar zij kwam . de wacht bij dudley straat was gekomen om haar well.then mijn moeder wilde weten wat er aan de hand met ons , toch weten . waarom zijn jullie allemaal clammed up vroeg ze . als woordvoerder , ik moest ergens beginnen . de slagroomsoesjes , zei ik , waren verschrikkelijk goed! dat is leuk , zei moeder . en ... tante bella zou ons niet geven, maar one.did u vragen niet echt , maar op een manier voor twee . ze zei dat een was genoeg en was alles wat we hadden get.you moeten haar hebben r'iled een of andere manier , wat zei je ik denk dat ik vroeg haar waarom ze gebakken zodat many.sounds als een redelijke vraag . wat heeft ze gezegd goh , mam ! ik weet het niet. ze waren verschrikkelijk good.it kreeg op richting bedtijd voor ons , en omdat onze vader werkte 's nachts , was het tijd voor hem om op te staan en te ontbijten . meestal zou hij naar beneden en we zouden gaan omhoog . maar vanavond waren we nog steeds naa
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orden , zegt fundamentalisten denk ik iraanse vrouwen zeer agressief en rude.milani ' s internationale doorbraak kwam met de 1991 legende van een zucht , die de ervaring van de vier vrouwen uit verschillende sociale klassen verkend . haar 1999 film twee vrouwen contrasteert een academicus die besluit haar eigen lot met een gedwongen in een gearrangeerd huwelijk . een instant boxoffice hit in iran , werd de film niet gepromoot op staterun televisie, omdat het bevatte opnamen van de universiteit van teheran slaapzaal , een site van student unrest.milani hoopt the hidden helft zal de exploratie van een deel van de geschiedenis van iran te beginnen dat het land kunstenaars niet hebben aangedurfd om de onderdrukking van ideen aan nadat heldin van de revolution.the film vraagt zich af of alle revolutionairen van de wereld op ons lijken gekleed in hoofddoeken en figureconcealing kleding . ze verklaart dat ze ziek en moe van de revolutionaire cliches.twenty jaar later , als
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oegewezen aan elke region.they klagen ook dat mensen uit verschillende etnische groepen zeggen dat ze geen baan kunnen krijgen in gebieden gedomineerd door een andere nationality.we accepteren een federale basis van decentralisatie . maar we weten niet eens worden over de formule wordt gebruikt etnische criteria , zegt beyene petros.he hoofden twee van ethiopi's grootste oppositiepartij organisaties de zuidelijke ethiopische democratische coalitie en de coalitie van alternatieve force voor vrede en democracy.supporting zijn woorden wordt andualem ademan , een student die is het invoeren van de baan market.he wil deze noordelijke stad te verlaten , maar hebben gezocht rond voor werk in andere regio's werd verteld om terug te gaan naar waar hij vandaan kwam from.forget over het krijgen van werk in een andere omgeving . ik moet hier blijven , of ik wil of niet , hij complains.the een uitzondering is tigrayans . bijvoorbeeld , wordt deze etnische groep vaak bekroond soug
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waren er duidelijke scheidslijnen tussen centristen en haviken en tussen de staat en defensie , maar dit is effectief beheerd door powell.of natuurlijk een geval niet een trend te maken . maar dit was een highprofile een, met het potentieel voor een nare , drawnout einde , waarbij een natie van enorme strategische en economische betekenis voor de verenigde staten . het was , zeggen analisten , een belangrijke enscenering grond voor powell , wiens stappenplan uit de crisis werd beschreven door de amerikaanse ambassadeur in peking als een belangrijk keerpunt in de 11day standoff.in mijn geest , powell heeft een pluim op zijn pet , want slaagde hij erin dit goed , zegt kenneth lieberthal , de chief asia adviseur van voormalig president clinton . maar rumsfeld heeft ook een pluim op zijn pet , omdat hij de discipline om te houden van it.indeed had , de minister van defensie was nauwelijks te zien of te horen tijdens de run van deze onderhandelingen , terwijl het powell di
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de dijken , hij says.that omvat delen van de muchdebated lower ninth ward en new orleans -oosten die geen van beide worden aangewezen als historische landmarks.like veneti, itali, new orleans is een culturele schat . en iedereen die in de stad woonden moet worden toegestaan om terug te komen , zegt mcmahon . maar dat betekent niet dat ze allemaal op exact dezelfde plek zouden moeten leven , dat zij voor geleefd .hij maakte onlangs een kleine generator die bekeerlingen bouwen bewegingen in elektriciteit , het creren van genoeg energie om een temperatuur -of lichtsensor draaien een keer per uur . hoewel de output is klein op dit moment , slechts ongeveer 10 microwatt , wetenschappers voorspellen potentieel van de generator kan enorm zijn in de komende decennia wellicht gebruikt in batterijloze informatica systems.dr . werk miyazaki's maakt deel uit van een groeiende beweging door wetenschappers te vinden , creren , of te vangen alternatieve bronnen van energie ,
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d en psychologische scherpte . omdat de meeste bewakers komen niet van de opgeleide elite , moeten ze afhankelijk zijn van gezond verstand en hun verstand om hun job.given de lage lonen en slechte arbeidsomstandigheden te doen , zou het zinvol zijn dat de bewakers samen te trekken te maken . maar conover vond dat vaak doen ze niet. de autoritaire sfeer ( vergelijkbaar met politiediensten en militaire eenheden ) produceert vaak wrok en oneupmanship onder coworkers.prisons zelden rehabiliteren gedetineerden ( verrassing! ) , maar conover ontdekt een groot aantal gevangenen die zijn fatsoenlijke mensen in een moeilijke omgeving . de relaties , positieve en negatieve , die hij ontwikkelt met specifieke gevangenen helpen rijden verhaal van het boek . eerdere literatuur over gevangenis bewakers is schaars . newjack een term voor een rookie officier zou de norm voor de komende jaren vastgesteld . * steve weinberg is een freelance onderzoeksjournalist in columbia , missouri, e
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cyr was begonnen om me vertrouwd te maken met de historische contouren van dit land . ik was vol vragen over onze 21 hectare , zijn eigendom , en de zorg voor onze tijd op de boatshow land zelf vertelt een aantal van de voor de hand liggende verhaal rudimentaire boomgaarden , stenen muren , roestig hekwerk , een verroeste emmer , en oude wagen sporen , te maar te zwijgen van hertengeweien , uil pellets , vogelnesten , en diverse holen verlaten door haar beestje denizens.the geschatte boom leeftijd geeft een ruwe tijdlijn voor een aantal van zijn vroegere gebruik van het feit dat een aantal hectare werden omgeploegd , sommigen gebruikt als weiland, sommigen als boomgaard en het geschatte tijdstip waarop een eigenaar gestopt opruimen van de inkomende forest.trees plegen te bebossing te hervatten , en hebben geduldig gewacht op een kans tijdens een paar honderd jaar van menselijke inspanning in het bewaren van het land ontruimd voor de landbouw . staan door een stenen muu
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men hebben de neiging de vs niet te bedreigen , kunnen ze zo krachtig zijn als de stormen die vorm in de atlantische oceaan en groeien veel meer quickly.the klassieke storm laat op het seizoen was orkaan mitch , die midden-amerika in eind oktober 1998.the in sloeg slechts sterretje voorspellingen van aboveaverage orkaan activiteit meteorologen ' voor de rest van dit jaar en voor volgend jaar is el ni o . hoewel el ni o is een pacific weerpatroon , het de neiging om atlantisch orkaanseizoen verzachten . wetenschappers zien het bewijs dat el ni o groeit , een tendens die orkaan groei zou kunnen vertragen als het continues.there is een kleine mogelijkheid dat het sterk genoeg is om elke activiteit laat op het seizoen te verminderen kon krijgen , zegt bell .congres schreef god op elke dollar bill , maar het is altijd moeilijk geweest om die verklaring van geloof geschreven in de amerikaanse literatuur . de puriteinen hadden geen gebruik van dergelijke licht omleiding
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ordelingen van homoseksuelen door de oprichter van de groep , de voormalige universiteit van colorado voetbal coach bill mccartney . sommige vrouwen groepen vraagstuk rekening ook met de boodschap van de keepers ' en maleonly policy.they zijn uitsluiting , patriarchale en vrouwonvriendelijke , zegt regina barry cowles , van het hoofdstuk kei van de nationale organisatie voor vrouwen . de vergadering gaat over hoe mannen kunnen domineren thuis , dat ze het hoofd van de household.but meerdere mannen het bijwonen van de atlanta conferentie moet zeggen promise keepers doet niets om vrouwen te bagatelliseren . ze vertelden ons om onze vrouwen te prijzen , om ons te tonen hoe een betere zorg van vrouwen , zegt harvey mcanally , die reisde naar atlanta uit een voorstad van dallas . we zijn gewoon een stel jongens proberen te achterhalen hoe om dingen te doen right.mr . phillips legt uit dat het maleonly beleid is een manier om problemen gericht op mannen richten , terwijl nie
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derale agenten in de 1993 raid en impasse gemaakt . en momentum bouwt om uit te spitten de atf.but de hoorzittingen hebben gefaald om de aard van hoog niveau hijinks die top beleidsambtenaren kan omvallen , of op zijn minst een duurzame campagne probleem bloot te leggen . '' als dit alles is wat er is , het won ' t zijn bijna net zo memorabel als watergate of irancontra , of zelfs de clarence thomas [ voordracht ] hoorzittingen , '' zegt larry sabato , professor van de overheid aan de universiteit van virginia.unlike deze hoorzittingen , dr sabato zegt , heeft waco alleen tot de verbeelding van een klein segment van het amerikaanse publiek vooral militie sympathisanten en gunrights pleit in plaats van een brede baan . '' natuurlijk , '' voegt hij eraan toe , kon '' dramatische onthullingen dat allemaal. '' vandaag de dag , de gezamenlijke commissies van het huis hosten van de hoorzittingen beginnen de tweede dag van getuigenis over de rol van de fbi , in het bijzonder
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payer les primes mensuelles et les franchises , et de faire face seul copayments.but modeste les avantages diminuent si elle ne peut d
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wait at least a week before their memos are finished.Doctors have stopped me in the hall to ask how I get such fast turnaround, says Dr. Heiman, adding that he saves about $1,000 monthly by not paying for transcription services.But the technology does have a downside accuracy. While all the words generated by the system are spelled correctly, they may be the wrong words.Speechrecognition software keeps getting better, but in the meantime it is still frustrating, says Paul Kiesel, an attorney who uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking speechrecognition software from ScanSoft Inc. at his office in Beverly Hills, Calif.Mr. Kiesel says that while six other attorneys in his firm use the software, another six got frustrated and went back to their keyboards. Even after eight years of practice, Kiesel figures he achieves about 90 percent accuracy, at his personal dictation rate of about 100 w.p.m.. Assuming 200 words on a doublespaced page, that means 20 corrections per page.But if you are speaking at 100 w.p.m. and getting 90 p
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rmy commander), the Army, and intelligence services, acting in close coordination with Syria.The clampdown reflects the proSyria regime's discomfort over the growing public consensus against Syria, says Farid Khazen, a professor of political science at the American University in Beirut.Reconciliation between Christians and Muslims runs against the argument fed by the government and Syria that the Lebanese are unable to agree on anything, [and that] therefore there is always the possibility of conflict, Khazen says. Exactly the opposite has happened in the last year, with a growing agreement on fundamental issues. Any consensus between the Lebanese [sides] becomes a threat to the regime.Meanwhile, the arrests apparently caught most government ministers unawares, including Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was on a visit to Pakistan at the time.In a candid interview with Lebanon's NBN television channel last week, Prime Minister Hariri claimed that his phones were being tapped and he was powerless to stop it.We cann
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nt training at a mock front desk teach a distinct product and culture at Courtyard, says university director Kathy Crabtree in Centreville, Va. What our trainees really need is to be brandspecific and brandpure.Ferguson, an assistant manager, must take another 40 hours of training annually, and he sees certain career value: I'm not going anywhere without it.Workers Weighed, and Found WantingThe skills gap is now catching up to us and could threaten the amazing growth and productivity gains, says Earnest Deavenport, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in Washington.American workers took home a poor reportcard in a recent survey of 4,500 companies by the NAM:* 60 percent say their workers lack basic math skills.* 55 percent find their workers are seriously weak in basic writing and comprehension skills.* 63 percent say their workers are tardy, chronically absent, or unwilling to work a full day.* Half found it difficult to give employees more autonomy.* Twothirds have difficulty improving productivity a
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command structure to ensure someone without a medical background can keep an eye on the improvements, according to a Washington Post report Sunday.Weightman's side of the story may emerge during the hearings. This may include the information that he did in fact listen to internal warnings last year about problems with staffing.The Army released a statement Saturday that indicated Weightman had responded to those internal warnings from Army Col. Peter Garibaldi, the Walter Reed garrison commander. Colonel Garibaldi had warned that patient care services are at risk of mission failure due to a privatization effort that left the hospital shortstaffed. According to media reports, Garibaldi said that Weightman had addressed each of three issues raised.Rep. Henry Waxman (D) of California, who leads the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the Garibaldi memo raises a new dimension to the problems at Walter Reed.The problems at Walter Reed could be symbolic of the kind of neglect that many lawmakers believe exi
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eforms were introduced in the Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament, where they are expected to pass.But the legislation, which neither recommends nor discourages tuition, is expected to meet resistance in the upper house, or Bundesrat. There, opposition Social Democrats are demanding that the law explicitly prohibit tuition charges, in keeping with the principle of free education.To further help students integrate into the global job market, the reform measure also introduces the option of pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees. Bonn worries that international employers have a hard time translating the current diplomas, roughly equivalent to American master's degrees, into qualifications.In another break with tradition perhaps the one most welcomed by students universities would have to conduct student evaluations of professors.Katharina Eberl, an economics major at the Technical University of Dresden and a member of its student council, says many of her professors are west German. They travel to Dr
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ions of intelligent, selfconscious machines R2D2 of Star Wars or David, the robot child in A.I. Artificial Intelligence remain a distant dream. But robots are expected someday to become tireless service workers at fastfood restaurants, hotel front desks, and so on, laboring cheerily 24/7. They'll also be infinitely patient teachers as well as companions for the lonely.Some experts worry that attachments may become too strong (see story, page 18), subjecting people to manipulation by clever programmers or unnatural reliance on machines for companionship. But those working in the field agree on one thing: The way we communicate with an onscreen face (sometimes called a chatbot) or a fully released robot is becoming friendlier and friendlier even fun.This is going to be a very important area for humancomputer interaction having systems that can respond in a more social way and more intuitive fashion, says Reid Simmons, a professor at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. It makes the i
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horoughly impressive debut, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, is a murder mystery/comingofage story that is organized as a course on great books, complete with copious annotations (both real and made up), visual aids (deliberately, I hope, amateurish pencil drawings), and the aforementioned exam. (Sample question: Blue Van Meer has read too many books. T/F)Fans of Dave Eggers's A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and those who enjoyed the footnotes in Susannah Clarke's fabulous Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell as much as the plot, head for the bookstore with all speed. If you prefer a more Shakerlike type of storytelling, devoid of verbal curlicues and ironic flourishes, you might want to drop out of this particular class.Teenager Blue Van Meer has averaged three towns a year since her mother's death, when Blue was in kindergarten. Her charismatic father has made a living as a peripatetic professor at bottomfeeding colleges around the US, rarely staying more than a semester and leaving broken hearts behi
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king at Israel's door. Global net capital inflows reached $589 million during 1994.''Countries like South Korea and Japan who wouldn't have considered Israel a few years ago are now looking seriously at investment and joint ventures,'' said David Rosenberg, research director for PacificMediterranean Capital Markets, an Israeli investment company.Large United States companies, such as Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM Corporation, and the German electronic giant Siemens are also in the process of gaining a foothold in the Israeli market.Today's scenario is a far cry from the 445 percent inflation of a decade ago and the average growth rate then of around 2.5 percent. Economists give partial credit for the revival of the Israeli economy to its ongoing transition from a semisocialist to a freemarket economy.In the first quarter of 1995, the Israeli government collected $530 million from the privatization of companies and banks. So far, government sales have brought in $3.4 billion since privatization began in
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e '' . '' gould a fait le festival shakespeare de l'utah une deuxi
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f technologie verlassen, um in der gesamten publishing- streik zu halten. es wird verwendet , um computer-modems streikposten und hubschrauber
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g extended by six, seven, even eight years, and [with] zero percent financing, and rebates, people especially young, firsttime buyers are putting themselves into really bad economic cycles, Bell says. They're taking on too much debt and stretching payments into a period when depreciation and wear leave them with little equity in their vehicles.Hidden expensesAdd to that the stealth costs. Operating a new car independent of payments cost Americans an average of $8,431 last year, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), which expects to release a 2005 figure soon. That's up from less than $6,000 in 1994.AAA's annual estimates run higher than AIER's ownership calculations because most consumers don't hold onto cars for 12 years. Nevertheless, the longevity of cars is creeping up.Cars are on the road for longer periods of time now than they used to be, and that's good news for consumers, says Jack Gillis, director of public affairs at the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). Even the fairly dramat
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.Just two months ago, the father of seven was thinking of selling his horse and cart for rupees 25,000 ($625) to pay for his oldest daughter's wedding. He would then have had to earn a living by carrying bags of vegetables on his back instead of by horse cart. The scorching heat of the coming summer would have made his 12houraday job unbearable.Many in this Islamic nation of 131 million are breathing a sigh of relief for the new ban, which was issued in March and makes it illegal to entertain wedding guests with anything more than a cup of tea or a cold drink, or shoot off fireworks, or garishly illuminate hotels with lots of lights, or fire guns to celebrate to celebrate the occasion.Law breakers will have to pay a steep fine of Rs. 300,000 the equivalent of three years' wages for the typical unskilled worker.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's move is the first time that such a law has been enforced. Elected in February, he wants Pakistanis to adopt a more frugal lifestyle especially when it comes to the blatant ex
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ed political parties, indicate that the government may be too ineffective to enact real economic reforms.The Japanese are equally unconvinced that the US government really wants the dollar to strengthen. As it stands, the dollar's weakness in relation to currencies like the yen and deutsche mark does not do significant damage to US exports, since Canada and Mexico are the two biggest American trading partners. Their currencies have weakened against the dollar.AT the same time, a strong yen theoretically makes imported goods cheaper in Japan. But consumers have complained that they have yet to see cheaper imports.Johsen Takahashi, an economist at Mitsubishi Research Institute, says that the US government must convince the market that it is serious about defending the dollar's value and curbing deficit spending.Yesterday the Japanese government said it would announce a package of measures Friday aimed at turning the yen around. Officials are trying to respond to the everpresent complaints of Japanese exporters, who
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he Topsham Fair.The other story about the First Parish Church that I would like in the history would be of the aids they installed for members with impaired hearing. This was back in early radio days. Ralph Derby, who was an instrumentmaker for the college physics lab, donated the aids. A microphone on the pulpit brought the sermon to a battery of earphones at the front pew, and on the trial Sunday the deacons had selected 10 sweet grandmotherly ladies to sit in the front pew and listen. Parson Ashby explained all this to the congregation, adjusted the microphone, and began his sermon.In those days, the tracks of the Androscoggin amp Kennebec electric railway came from Bath, made a turn around the First Parish Church, and continued toward the terminal at Lewiston. This was before radios were common, and before anybody knew much about static and interference. Nobody knew that every time a wheel passed a joint in the rails, an electric car broadcast a noise like beating a dishpan with a longhandled spoon.Parson Ash
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ent itself than where this development could lead,'' says a diplomat in Beijing, adding that ''reassurance [to China] will rest on how this visit will be handled.''''The Chinese are seriously concerned about the problem in trying to smoke out what the visit means,'' he says, explaining that Beijing is worried other countries could follow the United States lead.Lee, a popular politician who has spearheaded Taiwan's transition to democracy and finessed diplomatic isolation and Chinese opposition to raise the island's international profile, expressed his appreciation to his American congressional supporters.Minimizing offense to China during the Lee visit will be delicate, particularly if the Taiwanese leader meets with his congressional supporters. Although the dispute has enraged China and heightened tensions across the Taiwan Strait, US China analysts say Beijing's reliance on US and Taiwanese trade will check China's belligerence and a serious deterioration in relations.Given the political jockeying under way to
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ends out a quarterly electronic newsletter to as many of its 5,300 members as have Internet addresses. But the core activity remains the regularly scheduled, facetoface meetings within FEMALE's 140 chapters in the United States and Canada.Each meeting is organized around a theme, but the topic is almost secondary, Ms. Rogers says. The main thing is getting together with your peers and taking time for yourself. It can be pretty isolating in today's world when most of the women [in the neighborhood] are going off in the morning to work. We form these virtual neighborhoods.Talking over nittygrittyOther groups, such as Salon magazine's discussion groups, are strictly online. Salon provides new articles on its World Wide Web site five days a week.The content isn't only all digital, but also delves into the grittier issues of mothering: views from a welfare mother, interracial adoption, and abortion as seen through the eyes of an abortion doctor both before and after she became a mother.It seems that a lot of the paren
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esort, and never a simple choice.Where do we go from here?Teachers need help. They are being asked to do too much to meet the goals of literacy, language, and mathematics development recommended by the No Child Left Behind Act.They are being asked to teach basic socialization skills as part of the general school readiness curriculum. They are sometimes asked to take the place of family in that socialization process.They are doing all of this, yet they're being paid on average less than half of what a public kindergarten teacher makes. For the majority of these teachers, that wage puts them and often their families below the poverty line or in the lowincome bracket.There is no structure or financial incentive in place for early childhood educators to learn about social and emotional strategies when dealing with severe behavior.They don't make enough money, in most cases, to pursue additional education which might give them those skills. And even if they do manage to earn that higher degree, they're unlikely to s
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as I played. In any case, by the time I was 10 he thought me accomplished enough to be in a recital of young musicians, as third clarinet in a trio playing Santa Lucia. Though initially flattered by Mr. Tut's faith in my abilities, I was soon unnerved at the prospect of playing before an audience.Even as a child I realized that performing onstage was a very demanding thing. It wasn't like reading an essay in front of a class, where one could stumble, clear one's throat, say, Now where was Iand press on. No. Playing music in public was unforgiving and left no room for error.I went home and attacked Santa Lucia with verve and determination. The piece wasn't technically difficult, but I had trouble with its lovely, cascading slurs. Every time I tried to lend them some soul, I envisioned the pained expression of Mr. Tut, rocking his head in his hands and groaning, Awful, awful, awful. To soothe my apprehensions I'd close my eyes and retreat to the only piece I knew by heart Rambling Rose, whose simple, protracted
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einzigen groen impuls der bewegung , die ein gebude der stiftung in das gebude selbst zu schieben. es scheint, als ob fehler aufgetreten parkfield wurf an , so dass ingenieure einen genauen blick auf eine andere quelle von stress f
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Neuf kilomètres au nord de la ville de Taiping,[url=http://www.bipasslines.com]longchamp[/url], dans le nord - ouest du champ de marée Hachiko toutes les divisions de la ligne enclume japonais,[url=http://www.bipasslines.com]longchamp soldes[/url], reconnaissance équipe a également vu les deux équipes détenant les chiens de patrouille japonais.
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today's younger generation reaches retirement age, if the present Social Security system is not enhanced, the benefits they receive will have to be reduced, because the money in the pot will not be sufficient to pay them at today's levels.We could do nothing today and leave the next generation to its fate. That is hardly an honorable position. In fact, it is unconscionable.Our legislators must step up to this problem, tempting though it might be from a political point of view to postpone the necessarily tough decisions. But it's bigger than politics, and that's why it is disappointing that some of Senator Lieberman's Democratic critics are flaying him with some even talking up a Dump Joe campaign because he's willing to work with Bush to find a solution.Social Security reform should not be a political football, a cleverly orchestrated defeat for Bush if the Democrats manage to thwart it, or a victory for Bush if he can corral enough Republicans and Democrats to get it done. It is a misunderstood problem and th
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is transparency here, and that we are serious, says Jos
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ca. From 1763 (where Ferling begins his story) through 1787 (when the Constitution was drafted) to 1800 (when the federal government underwent its first administrative transition from one party to another), Ferling shows the survival of a united sovereignty was no sure thing, but a leap into the dark.Since Sept. 11, we have regained some sense, in the parlance of historians, of our contingency. Freedom, even Western civilization itself, may seem like a given, but in fact it's the result of effort, bravery, and serendipity. To the Founders, the future was an unknown, bigger than the continent they yearned to possess. Ferling ably recovers some sense of how unsure they were. His book provides not just political and intellectual history, but emotional history as well.He also provides good, tart sketches of the Founders the major figures and others such as Sam Adams, John Otis, and Tom Paine. He is determined neither to praise nor bury them, in contrast both to the triumphalist history that many of us were raised on
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lose their benefits. Under workfare programs in New York, for example, welfare recipients work parttime for low or minimum wages and lack the benefits granted fulltime workers.A third problem experts raise is that welfare workers may be given publicsector jobs for which they are not qualified. In Chicago, for example, the preschool program has been criticized for giving tutors only seven weeks of parttime training before they began work.What this amounts to is people trying to do a very important job spending the least possible amount of money, says Burton White, director of the Center for Parent Education in Newton, Mass., and an expert in early childhood education.Pagin admits that tutoring can be a challenge. Raised in Puerto Rico, she sometimes stumbles while reading the English teaching materials. If I don't understand something, I ask my [high schoolage] daughter and she helps me, says Pagin. Each night, Pagin translates the English lesson plan into a handwritten Spanish guide that she can more easily foll
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fundamental validity of American civilization, says California historian Starr.Ms. Moynihan beat the odds with help from Indianapolis's Eastside Community Investments (ECI). The program helped her finish high school and become a homeowner.It wasn't hard at all, she says as she soothes Bailey, her toddler. ECI had classes on managing money and buying houses, and I wanted this really badly.Across the country, states seeking solutions to the challenge of trimming the welfare rolls are turning to the innovative antipoverty tool Moynihan used: a special savings account.The socalled Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are different from the standard savings account in two respects. To encourage lowincome people to save, every dollar deposited is matched with an equal amount of money. The catch is that the savings can only be used to buy a house, get an education, or start a business.IDAs are administered by community development organizations and the matching funds come from banks, churches, and civic groups.Help in
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ys Fred Branfman. This is the enduring legacy of Vietnam in the 21st century as I see it, he says.A new strategic landscapeAs the lone military superpower, the US today does appear freer to do what it wants to. When the US pulled out of Vietnam it faced other major military threats mainly Warsaw Pact conventional forces in central Europe and a huge arsenal of nucleartipped Soviet missiles. Today, old Warsaw Pact members are joining NATO and the EU, and Russian missiles are off their hair trigger.Even so, Ben was seriousminded. As a puppy, he sometimes watched his siblings play roughandtumble in our yard while he appeared to ponder whether they should be doing something more important. But when he decided that the job of the moment was finished and it was OK to play, he gave it all he had.Actually, it was Margaret, Ben's mother, who taught her pups the art of having fun with people. Ben became especially proficient at Frisbee, one of Margaret's favorite games, and eventually his little sister Millie enjoyed it, t
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se both the girls and the family turn out to be unexpectedly endearing, the show is delicious fun.When The Simple Life debuts Dec. 2, it will join two others already on the air Born Rich on HBO, and Rich Girls on MTV that deal with the lives and attitudes of some our country's most wellknown wealthy offspring. Providing entertainment by tweaking the rich is as old as the Greeks. But, say observers, in targeting privileged progeny, these shows actually reveal an important sea change in our attitudes about money and its role in that most basic of American pastimes, the pursuit of happiness.If you look at studies of what college kids ranked most important back in 1967, contributing to society ranked very high, says Elayne Rapping, media studies professor at State University of New York at Buffalo. Becoming wealthy was much lower. Today, it's just the opposite.Several participants in the Born Rich film say their parents never mentioned the possibility that their life goals might include anything other than making m
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ciated by corporate sponsors, such as Barnes amp Noble, which recently pulled the funding plug.Since then we've been furiously, desperately, quietly trying to get some funding into place, Ms. Liggett said in a phone interview.Then Mr. Burton blew the lid off the problem at the Emmys. Some corporations did come forward, only to be turned off by low ratings. Reading Rainbow carried by 85 percent of PBS stations has never made Nielsen's top 10 of all children's shows. (Other PBS programs, such as Clifford and Arthur, are frequently among the top five shows.)But Reading Rainbow is the No. 1 PBS program used in classrooms. Apparently, the fact that 50,000 youngsters stretched their literary and artistic wings as a result of the show's presence is not potent enough to get corporate sponsors off the dime. If the show is canceled, so are all the outreach programs.The response from viewers like you as the PBS saying goes was overwhelmingly supportive, according to Liggett. People all over America are writing in to Joh
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decided the gap between an R rating and PG was too wide too many pictures were not graphic enough for a restricted audience but had language or scenes that were too foul for some early adolescents. As a result, it created the PG13 rating.But Valenti does not believe the gap in understanding between a fouryearold and an eightyearold is significant enough to warrant a separate rating for toddlers. Where do you draw the line on a 'G6' ratingValenti asks. We can't slice the bologna too thin we're incapable of making these fine distinctions.Babe: Pig in the City was originally given a PG rating. It was reedited and resubmitted, and then earned its G rating.Many critics of the ratings board say that illustrates why psychologists or childdevelopment experts should be included in the panel.If the rating system doesn't protect [young children], it's not doing its job, says Jacqueline Sears, founder of Mothers Offended by the Media.Valenti points out that 74 percent of parents surveyed find the rating system fairly to
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ll be invited to join, although diplomats say Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia are first in line. Nor will it set a timetable.THE Clinton's administration was initially divided over NATO's continued relevance. It finally concluded that NATO had preserved Western European amity through US stewardship. Therefore, why wouldn't enlarging NATO, along with other European institutions, avert a rebirth of ageold disputes in Central and Eastern Europe?While refusing to admit it openly, US officials privately concede that another force driving NATO expansion is uncertainty in Russia. They worry that President Yeltsin could be replaced by a hardline nationalist bent on reasserting Russian power and prestige. Enlarging NATO is seen as a hedge against a resurgent Moscow. ''We haven't fooled the Russians. We shouldn't fool ourselves. There is a residual [Russian] threat to European security,'' a senior official says.But officials are confident that Russia is far too weak to pose a serious danger in the near te
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nen b
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jesse jackson , der offen erwgt f
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spionerade lsa the night before christmas till hans barn under julgranen i byggnaden lobbyn . eller hennes judiska patient som meddelade att han och hans fru skulle gra ngra belttightening detta r spenderar $ 2.500 per barn i stllet fr den vanliga $ 5.000 pjulen gifts.no tvivlar fler judar har beskt rockefeller center julgran n den enorma mssing menorah pfifth avenue . jag brukade tnka att det pngot stt var otrogen fr det judiska folket att dra nytta av julfrsljningen . men idag har jag frgar , har icke en jude gon har inte en jude sinnen , knslor , passioner om du erbjuder oss en rabatt , kommer vi int
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got hade frndrats kom i slutet av 1997 , nr problemen i thailand banksystem utlste en valutakris som spred sig till resten av asien , ryssland , mycket nstan uppslukas brasiliens ekonomi , och ruinerade en amerikansk hedgefond . vad som brjade som en relativt liten kris i en relativt liten ekonomi blev snabbt en internationell scare.the finanskrisen blev en politisk utmaning nr internationella valutafonden klev i. i rhundraden , med brjan (kanske ) med den westfaliska freden i 17-talet och varar igenom det kalla kriget , har den nationstate och dess rtt till sjlvbestmmande varit centralt fr diplomati . nationerna skul
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ve to make the utmost effort we can to eliminate the infrastructure of Hizbullah, says Col. Irit Atzmon. We're actually seeing that potential now, which will lay out the possibility for other forces to come. The problem is not whether we reach the Litani or not. The problem is trying to clean out the area where the Hizbullah is trying daily to damage Israel.Predictably, much reform sentiment is drifting toward public financing of elections. But doubts remain that the public is willing to foot the bill for the cacophony of noise and mudslinging that constitutes politics today.Fortunately, there is another reform that has the potential to forge a powerful voters' rights movement. It involves reform of the ultimate insider's game the redistricting process.Every 10 years, the Democrats and Republicans get together in a back room and carve up the political landscape into a hodgepodge of gerrymandered districts. Quite literally, incumbent politicians use increasingly sophisticated computer software and demographic dat
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9, efter nogle naboer gav hende en bog med haiku pchristmas.people tendens til at lide formen , siger hun, fordi dens fag eksisterer i den fysiske verden, vi alle deler og fordi et haiku kan ses og formes til ord i et par minutes.but som med de fleste kunstformer , haiku kun ser nemt. carol lrte hurtigt nogle lektioner : 1. . talemder simile , metafor , personificering er nsten umuligt at bruge succes i haiku . brug i stedet klare billeder og sammenligne to tilsyneladende uens ting. men indebrer sammenligningen , ikke angive it.2 . brug sanserne for smag og berring, hrelse og lugt , samt seeing.3 . foretag substantiver og ve
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s , skal ansgningerne udvise betydelig , realworld nytte. canadas patent manager, den canadiske intellectual property office , krver ogs, at alle patentansgninger , herunder gener demonstrere velfunderet nytte, iflge dr. michael gillen af canadas patent appeals board.dr . gillen hvder, at genpatenter er en ny tage pgamle praksis. patenter er blevet tildelt i revis for proteiner , plante alkaloider, selv for visse lgemidler selvom alle forekommer i naturen eller i folks bodies.patents gives , fordi nr de er isoleret fra naturen og renset pen eller anden mde , de har en praktisk anvendelighed , gillen siger . for eksemp
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l denne aftale, hvis medlemmer forventer, at markedet for at begynde at tage dem alvorligt igen, eksperter sige.vejret virkelige problem er tror du dem [ opec ] , og vil de holder gr detsiger ed murphy , konom med american petroleum institute i washington. helt rligt, hvis markedet mener, at dette er blot midlertidige, vil priserne ikke hoppe back.for amerikanske olieproducenter , som dr. murphy organisation reprsenterer, disse er srligt hrde tider. mange smalltime producenter med marginale oliekilder har allerede stoppet produktionen , og i sidste uge selv store olieselskaber var begyndt at skre ned pderes anlgsinvester
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r over hele afrika , sier mr. beckett.the ny t. rowe price fondet har trukket i litt under $ 4 millioner i eiendeler . det har allerede satt penger i utenlandske aksjer , spesielt i asia og latin -amerika . i april fikk fondet en avkastning p4,6 prosent , notater talsmann steven norwitz.highly profitablefor investorer med litt uredd grus , investere i emergingmarket midler kan vre svrt lnnsomt over time.by sammenligning , i usa , den totale forsterket gje
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ann anmodning om samarbeid . noen juridiske analytikere sier det 11. circuit beslutning mistolkes denne totaliteten av omstendighetene standard ved gi for mye vekt pen enkelt presedens , snarere enn vurdere alle fakta er unike for drayton case.a ' hflig samspill \" us advokat general theodore olson , i hans kort til retten , sier dommen , hvis opprettholdt , ville kreve politiet verbalt advare passasjerene at de ikke er plagt sende til et sk . h
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ee, hadde hrt for arabamericans siden september 11.the rad er over mr. ashcroft anmodning om at lokale tjenestemenn rundt om i usa bidrar til intervjue unge menn , for det meste studenter, som er her pnonimmigrant visum og er ikke mistenkt for noe kriminelt . portland politiet var den frste lawenforcement etaten for nekte lne en hnd , med begrunnelse at justisdepartementet mandat bryter oregon personvern lover , men en overfladisk kjennskap til and
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's ''major publicservice campaign'' this year. The spots are running around the clock on earlymorning shows, at midday, and on primetime evening programs.Meanwhile, lots of other personalities some veterans among them have plunged in or expect to soon. Dick Cavett, who, many felt, introduced a note of intellectual class to the genre years ago, is here again, this time splitting four nights a week on ABC with columnist Jimmy Breslin. In syndication, David Brenner and Oprah Winfrey are contenders, and comedian Robert Klein has a new show on cable, joining others like Regis Philbin.The anarchic David Letterman, of course, inhabits the latelate night hours on NBC. His unpredictable style entertainingly dispatches the notion that talk show hosts are typecast, but in case anyone still thinks they are, consider these hosts or potential ones: Linda Ellerby, Gloria Steinem, Shecky Greene, and Monty Hall!Some of these
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n Scientist parents for child neglect or manslaughter when children have died. In most of the cases, the parents have argued that the spiritualhealing provisions in state laws provide a legal sanction for their choice of treatment.Courts in some states have held that spiritualhealing provisions in the law preclude prosecution or at least provide a basis for defense. But judges in other states have refused to recognize them. Defense lawyers in these latter cases say this raises constitutional questions of due process that is, the right of a defendant to know beforehand that the state considers a certain course of action to be criminal.The bestknown case is that of Ginger and David Twitchell, who were convicted in July of manslaughter here in Boston. Their 21/2yearold son, Robyn, died in 1986 of what was later diagnosed as a bowel obstruction caused by a birth defect. In that case, the trial court judge refused t
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s World Food Programme (WFP). This month, the WFP plans to start delivering emergency food rations to some 100,000 people in the conflict area, Mr. Page says.Some church officials in Zaire and Western relief agencies, including the British Oxfam and the Dutch office of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), are offering some assistance. But most of the roads are nearly impassable during the rainy seasons, and tensions in the area make relief work dangerous.We have reports of massacres of up to 600 [at a time] a village wiped out and burned, says Henry Wijnroks, head of the Doctors Without Borders office here in Rwanda's capital.An internal report by a Western relief agency says hundreds of villages have been partially or totally destroyed. In one place, we saw bodies around 7080 altogether violently massacred in the school and in a building in front of the church babies, pregnant women, childre
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lesley mdchen mit jedem year.in den spten 50er und 60er jahren entwickelte sich nancy noch einmal diese zeit als reaktion auf die sich verndernde welt um sie herum . rassischen stereotypen , darunter schwarze zeichen , die in s
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chneider and his wife had signatory authority over the company.The development empire was involved mainly in prime real estate projects in a variety of cities, particularly in and around Frankfurt and Leipzig.Officials estimate that the collapse of Schneider left the company's approximately 40 creditor banks holding about $2.9 billion in outstanding loans. Small contractors were owed another $150 million, officials say.Banks hope that Schneider's real estate assets will cover a large chunk of the loans. But the Economics Ministry in Bonn say there is about a $1 billion shortfall between the value of the assets and the amount of the loans. It added that contractors were unlikely to receive payment.Deutsche Bank hardest hitOf the Schneider creditors, Deutsche Bank has the largest exposure, with loans totaling about $710 million. It also is one of the leading Metallgesellschaft creditors.On April 19, police raided
howed that the sokaiya problem was back with a vengeance. Police charged four executives of the Kirin Brewery Company with paying sokaiya 46.6 million yen (about $420,000). Fortytwo sokaiya were also arrested.It is widely known that corporate ties with sokaiya run so deep that it makes it hard for police to enforce the law.Even Mr. Kubori says onefifth of the 100 firms he advises have chosen to maintain their ties with the extortionists, because the companies figure that they have more to lose by alienating the sokaiya than by risking a police investigation.Companies are afraid of what the gangsters know about them, Miyawaki says. ``In this situation, police have a very difficult time.''But police also come in for some criticism. The source with sokaiya contacts questions the level of public concern that has been generated recently, suggesting that the ``police have their own reasons.'' He asserts that retired
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al Shetland wooltype product.''In particular, namebrand and designer clothing will benefit most this year from consumers' heightened emphasis on fashion, Mr. Humphreys says. ``Consumers are of the mindset that they are once again willing and able to shop and giftgive,'' Mr. Ronzetti says.But retailers shouldn't be fooled. Shoppers still want the biggest bang for their holiday buck. ``What you will see is a very practical, valueoriented consumer shopping out there,'' says Joseph Ronning, retail analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman ampamp Co., a New York investment banking firm.The push for apparel and betterquality goods will mean different winners this year, Humphreys says. ``Discounters are still riding a good wave, but the places where America goes for fashion are still department stores,'' which, he projects, will do better this season than last. Even small specialty stores, which, for several seasons, have se
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ng view.If so, it will mean they have calculated that they want any concessions on their part to be conspicuously visible to the new administration and to its top policymakers.The 45 percent tally for Mr. Mondale swamped both Gary Hart (27 percent) and Jesse Jackson (26 percent), who found themselves only 25,000 votes apart and fighting for second place.New York's primary clearly established the former vicepresident as the Democratic frontrunner once again.The Mondale margin, in fact, was so large that Senator Hart could find himself in deep political waters unless he can quickly reverse the tide. Campaigns thrive on momentum and money lots of money. The cash is pouring into the Hart headquarters in Washington at a rate of nearly $100,000 a day. But Mr. Hart needs another victory soon, or he could fall off the political wave that has carried him this far.Hart's first chance to fight back will come in Pennsylva
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ieren. es knnte auch die us-wirtschaft in eine recession.but legte die greren kontext der whrungsschwankungen ist so einfach wie angebot und demand.japanese unternehmen verkaufen erheblich mehr waren im ausland , als sie importieren , die eine ebenso groe nachfrage nach yen schafft . japanische neigen dazu, ihr geld zu sparen , und ihre regierung ist nichts, wenn nicht steuerlich conservative.the usa, nat
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utgifterna bills.a rejl dos av presidentens politik har hrdnat varje sida : clinton , laddar fr hans omval bud , vill visa att han inte r en waffler dito fr senatemajoritetledare bob dole ( r ) i kansas , gop frontrunner.even om avstngningen har producerat stora rubriker , nedlggning i och fr sig inte har strt nationens liv lika mycket som en riktig avstngning skulle. i verkligheten har betydligt frre n hlften av federala arbetare snts hem ppermission . och som vissa statliga tjnster initialt deklarerade ondiga missas , har kongressen visat en vilja att ppna dem . under helgen gjorde lagstiftningen sin vg genom
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der ersten opfer im geschftsjahr downturns.but nie zuvor sommerschule so integraler gewesen, sowohl des bildungssystems und der greren gemeinschaft . f
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fr att arbeta fram skillnader med house.if ingen kompromiss ns , kan senaten invnta en proposition budget frsoning i hst . det skulle inte vara freml fr en filibuster av demokratisk senators.meanwhile , talas det i washington att vita huset eller kongressen kan frsena eller skala tillbaka estatetax upphvande och ven marriagepenalty lttnad . house ways och medel kommitt
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nen fr att mta brandmn ( riktiga new york brandmn ) . de frklarar vad alla sina redskap anvnds till och att de inte skrmmande alls , men vuxna som r dr fr att help.this r en st , lugnande segment som svar till sept 11. sesame street fortfarande hitta kreativa , nonthreatening stt att hantera barns rdsla .frndringarna fr inte sist , han och andra experter sger , men fr tillfllet r publiken dras mot det vlbekanta och bekvma .... alla r krleksfull \" raymond \" eller lska \" friends \", sger professor edgerton , ordfrande fr kommunikation och teaterkonst institutionen vid old dominion university i norfolk
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tijnse territories.that verklaring gevraagd amr moussa , de egyptische secretaris-generaal van de arabische liga , om bush berispen , tekenen gejuich van arabische afgevaardigden . er zal geen lente of de herfst of winter is, zegt hij , totdat het palestijnse probleem opgelost zijn. we willen dat onze vrienden in de vs om te weten dat er unanimiteit over dit onderwerp in de regio . nieuwsagentschappen hebben bijgedragen aan dit artikel .dit immers was intens, maar niet uniek . voor talloze millennia , heeft de oven van de zon boerde deeltjes van pure energie naar de aarde in fakkels zonne- explosies miljoenen malen krachtiger dan die van een waterstofbom . en in die tijd , zijn ze afgeweerd met apocalyptische woede in de bovenloop van de atmosfeer nog niet gezien op het oppervlak alleen als gordijnen van etherische kleur in de nacht sky.now , echter, zijn er satellieten in die ether , en deze week zonne aanval suggereert dat hoe meer we leren over onze stillmysteriou
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steeds niet wie zal spelen tegen miami in de rose bowl voor het nationale kampioenschap . we hebben geen idee wie zal winnen de heisman trophy.and de mysterieuze bowl championship series ( bcs ) rating, die bepaalt wie speelt waar op nieuwjaarsdag en daarna , is slechts olie op het fire.isn 't spanning een van de redenen we houden van sport in de eerste plaats het is een heel leuk , en het is interessant , zegt rick wells , de national football foundation ambtenaar die de bcs rankings berekent . iedereen heeft het over de universiteit football.the bcs , nu in zijn vierde jaar , werd ontworpen om een definitief nationaal kampioen te produceren zonder daarbij de centuryold bowlgame traditie , dat is een melkkoe voor de grote conferences.the bcs rankings weeg associated press en usa today / espn polls , acht verschillende computergestuurde rankings , de sterkte van elk team de planning , het aantal verliezen , en de kwaliteit van zijn overwinningen . de bovenste twee
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n grupp vill vljare i sex stater att godknna tgrder fr att hja den lgsta till smycket som $ 6,85 i timmen , med inflation protection.by slutet av 2006 , 23 stater plus district of columbia har minimilner som verstiger den federala niv. om vljarna i arizona , colorado , missouri , montana , nevada , och ohio stdinsatser lnekningar psina valsedlar , dfr frsta gngen en majoritet av stater kommer att krva hgre timln n de federala demokratiska minsta wage.many kandidater som krs i november nationella val lfte om att en minimumwage vandring kommer upp sitt lagstiftningsprogram br de skaffa sig kontroll ver
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n het maken van zijn vondsten aan het publiek en geleerden , is hij uitgegroeid tot een ontdekkingsreiziger en opvoeder , volgens de staats-en federale archeologen die zijn work.members van de vereniging van historische archeologie monitoren hebben oneerlijk gekastijd clifford en hebben het voortouw in de censuur van hem genomen , zegt victor mastone , directeur van de raad van onderwater archeologisch resources in boston.as verdere onderbouwing massachusetts , heeft de staat north carolina werk clifford's erkend . de deling van de archieven en de geschiedenis is het verkennen van wat experts geloven dat de overblijfselen van blackbeard's vlaggenschip , queen anne 's revenge , dat werd gesloopt in 1718 in beaufort inlet zijn. de staat van de officile informatie zegt dat het vergelijken van clifford's vindt en de north carolina artefacten is een uitstekende support.clifford opgevoed heeft een schat aan informatie over de whydah en op het leven van de mensen aan boord ,
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aan historici die zijn geweest kritiek op enkele van zijn actions.it is mogelijk dit schema is alleen voor de show , een manier in wezen om het effect van de publiciteit van het rapport isg release.it afstompen 's ook mogelijk dat het echt is outreach in een tijd van nationale need.my eigen gevoel is dat waarschijnlijk president bush is op dezelfde plaats als een heleboel mensen op irak , zegt jim walsh , een research associate in de veiligheidsraad studies program aan de massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge . hij weet dat de dingen niet goed gaan , maar weet niet wat hij moet nu do.it blijkt dat bush een toespraak begin volgend jaar zal geven aan de natie over een nieuwe weg vooruit voor irak , volgens een anonieme witte huis bron . oorspronkelijk , de toespraak was voorlopig gepland voor voordat christmas.on maandagochtend , bush een ontmoeting met minister van buitenlandse zaken condoleezza rice . in de middag , hoorde hij uit een groep van militaire
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1942 supreme court precedent door de administratie aangehaalde betrekking op de zaak van acht nazi saboteurs die werden berecht en veroordeeld door een geheime militaire commissie bijeen in washington . zes van de saboteurs , waaronder een amerikaanse burger van duitse erfenis , werden executed.the hooggerechtshof het proces en de executies , tot vaststelling van het precedent waarop de regering-bush relies.but niet iedereen is ervan overtuigd dat het geval is , genaamd ex parte quirin , staat op een stevige juridische grond. een congressional research service analyse van de quirin beslissing afgerond eind maart ed. twee van de rechters die hebben deelgenomen aan de zaak als bedenkingen van de rechtbank actions.justice felix frankfurter schreef in 1953 dat het quirin ervaring was geen gelukkig precedent . en justitie william douglas in een 1962 interview zei : de ervaring met ex parte quirin aangegeven , denk ik , voor ons allemaal dat het uiterst onwenselijk om een be
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ier . dit kan gedaan worden met respect voor de wetten van beide countries.it is het soort oplossing dat twee oude vrienden zou komen , zodra alle retoriek en namecalling wordt beindigd . * tom regan is de associate editor van the christian science monitor de website , . zijn serie over cyberterrorisme verscheen in de monitor afgelopen juni en juli . ( c ) copyright 2000 . de christian science publishing societyhet wetsvoorstel bevat nieuwe richtlijnen voor de toewijzing van meer homelandsecurity middelen op basis van risico-en dreigingsanalyse , waarbij inspectie van alle zee-en luchtvracht , en het toevoegen van de financiering voor de interoperabiliteit van de first responders . ook beweegt de rapportage deadlines voor het departement van binnenlandse veiligheid op het werk om de veiligheid van de luchtvaart , terrorist mensenhandel , de veiligheid van havens , en een systeem te verbeteren voor buitenlandse visitors.let volgen ons het congres dat sterk eert onze ve
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tussen steden , amerikaanse functionarissen zeggen dat ze in de eerste plaats georganiseerd op lokaal en regionaal niveau in plaats van nationally.we niet op het moment zie bewijs van centrale commando en de controle van deze groepen . ik zou zeker niet uitsluiten , maar we hebben nog niet het bewijs hebben , de heer bremer vertelde verslaggevers vorige week.the meest recente amerikaanse lucht en grond offensieven , gepland voor weken , zetten een gecordineerde push noorden en westen van bagdad door troepen uit de battlehardened derde infanteriedivisie en 101st airborne division , in aanvulling op de vierde infanteriedivisie en andere units.the operaties , de grootste sinds de vs verklaarde het einde van de grote gevechten 1 mei , hebben tot doel om te tekenen en te vernietigen vermoedelijke opstandelingen evenals ronden wapens . zij hebben voornamelijk in een driehoek uitstrekt van bagdad west naar fallujah , ten noorden van balad , en noordwestelijke richting naar d
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l has come from common stock. the rest comes either from retained earnings or debt.balog says 88 percent of all junk bonds finance corporate growth. of the remaining 12 percent, he says, 8 percent went to finance friendly takeovers and only 4 percent to hostile takeovers.richard b. hoey, dbl's chief economist, concedes that the development of junk bonds has ``created a faster speed of change'' in the trend toward corporate restructuring by helping ``shift debt for equity.'' dr. altman of nyu figures that, although junk bonds have helped fund the takeover wave, without them ``the wave would have happened anyway.''as might be expected, mr. hoey and mr. balog agree that legislation restricting the use of junkbond financing in corporate takeovers is a bad idea. they appear to have little to worry about: although sen. alfonse m. d'amato (r) of new york has put together a bill to curb takeover abuses, it is unlikely to sail through congress.dbl's hoey considers junk b
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n lokalen nations.europe abzuschrecken hat sich die szene der grte unsicherheit . da die supermchte ihre prsenz aufzuhellen vorzubereiten , historischen nationalismen und instabilitten bereits oberflchenersatz , sagt jeffrey simon , senior fellow am institute for national strategic studies an der national defense university.at das herz dieser mglichen instabilitten ist ein wiedervereinigtes deutschland, eine nation verantwortlich f
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einen einfluss auf die art, wie menschen denken , thorne says.people in der lokalen regierung erkennen, dass `` planlos entwicklung '' kostet sie mehr, als sie jemals wieder in vermgenssteuern zu bekommen, sagt sie. und die entwickler erkennen, dass eigenschaftswerte hchsten sind, wo eine schne aussicht und offenes land gewesen protected.the dilemma ist, wie die offensichtlichen malerischen qualitten dieses schnell wachsende kleine zustand zu erhalten und gleichzeitig die aufnahme neuer unternehmen und neue residents.the leute im spnhf haben keine einfachen antworten zu diesem dilemma. aber sie haben einige timetested tools und eine verpflichtung zu halten, sie zu benutzen.sieht gut aus ist noch wichtiger als ein gutes gef
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keep 80 percent of the settlers in the settlements. We associate the Labor Party with the killing of civilians during the uprising.Netanyahu's removal from the running would likely pit Barak against the lackluster Ariel Sharon, who enjoys only a narrow lead over the prime minister in the polls.But Netanyahu supporters are vowing to change the legislation to enable him to run.Netanyahu, who has taken on a higher public profile recently but avoided explicitly declaring his candidacy, is now going to have to start confronting Barak, his supporters said yesterday. He is going to have to get his feet wet now. This situation is so antidemocratic that he has no choice, said Naomi Blumenthal, a Likud member of the Knesset.We are going to create such pressure and such a public atmosphere that people will say there is no way a democracy can prevent the person who is leading in the polls from running, she said.Ms. Blumenthal says Netanyahu supporters have two strategies for ensuring his candidacy: first, to persuade the Kne
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n astronomer with the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore who was not part of the team. Still, he adds, the group's evidence is reasonably convincing.Dr. Kneib notes that his team had to overcome skepticism that they could achieve their goal when they first applied for telescope time. But now that the results are out and to be published in an upcoming edition of the Astrophysical Journal the team hopes to get more time to study the object, as well as to search for counterparts elsewhere in the sky.Still, there is hope: Governments and legislative bodies on both sides of the Atlantic are now pondering their levels of commitment to such programs. For the public, the issues of torture and abuse of prisoners now have a far more prominent face than ever before. But will that make a difference for those seeking treatment?I hope so. Over the years, I participated directly in negotiations that brought a measure of peace and stability to Guatemala. My long engagement in this process gave me a heartwrenching g
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And clearly, for jihadists, the presence of American troops in Iraq makes it the epicenter of their worldwide struggle today. That is of course one reason the US must not fail. But it is also a reason why it must minimize its presence at the earliest opportunity.To try to avoid the pitfalls of either staying the course or withdrawing completely and to take the best ideas of each we propose the following exit strategy:A clear statement from Washington that it intends to downsize troop presence dramatically once Iraqis are in a position to protect themselves. Specifically, at least threequarters of US troops should come home from Iraq as soon as a number of conditions are met, probably over the next 18 months.A pledge to reduce the foreign military presence by one soldier for every two Iraqi soldiers within units that become certified as meeting the first or secondhighest level of combat readiness, as defined by joint USIraqi military assessments.A further stipulation that the foreign drawdown could accele
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ernal tank, says Mr. Shannon. Now that we are so sensitive to the foam, we're going to be in a state of continual improvement on the external tank through the end of the program in 2010.Prelaunch dissent from two top officials at NASA regarding the orbiter's readiness to fly suggests that the struggle with foam debris isn't over, notes John Logsdon, director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University in Washington and member of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Still, he says, they've made impressive progress.In February 2003, the shuttle Columbia broke up on reentry. The accident was traced to a suitcasesize chunk of foam that was jarred from the external tank and had smacked into Columbia's left wing soon after launch. The impact damaged several reinforced carbon panels that shield the wing's leading edge from the heat of reentry.The damage allowed superheated air to eat its way through the wing during reentry. Additional foam losses during last year's first return to flight mission
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ls natural gas to California, illegally restricted supply. With many of California's power plants fueled by natural gas, a restriction would make it more expensive to produce power. El Paso has appealed.Last month, the chief trader for Enron's western power desk pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He has been associated with schemes dubbed Death Star and Get Shorty that manipulated the California market through bogus energy trades.In California, the effort to reveal corporate fraud has been a crusade. In a state building in Sacramento, half of the 18th floor is filled with files for the California attorney general's investigation. Senator Dunn has essentially donated two staffers to his committee's probe.To Dunn, Governor Davis's words two years ago are still gospel. He has no doubts that the energy crisis was a creation of corporate fraud.He cites the Enron memos. He cites the plant closure, where Williams was forced to refund $8 million to California energy officials though it didn't admit to
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d peaceful transition to a democratic government and a marketbased economy in a postFidel Cuba and, to the extent possible, reduce the hardships of the Cuban people until that transition takes place.As the experience of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe made clear, political and economic transitions are always traumatic and often violent, as old institutions, relationships, and ways of doing business are destroyed and new ones constructed from scratch.There is another lesson to be gained from the former Soviet bloc: Change in those countries that had developed strong prior relations with the US and Western Europe Hungary and Czechoslovakia, for example was less painful and turbulent than in those that had remained closed and isolated, such as Albania and Bulgaria.That is what the Canadian initiative is designed to do to begin to engage Cuba and the Cuban people in a web of relationships with Canada. To be sure, Canada's motives are not totally selfless. Canada has an important stake in promoting trad
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ust the legitimacy of the process. If the Sunnis lose in their bid to block the constitution they and their many powerful supporters in other Arab countries may well contest that result and redouble their support for the present insurgency. If the Kurds and Shiites lose in their attempt to push the constitution through, the Kurds (and perhaps many Shiites) may well react by moving even faster toward establishing the de facto independence of their regions, and thus the country's breakup.In either way lies a real danger of escalation into outright civil war. And if a fullblown civil war erupts in Iraq there's a significant risk it might destabilize, or even engulf, several other countries in the region.What can the US do to avert such a disasterSome people say the US should stay in Iraq to prevent the outbreak of a civil war. But this misreads the record of the 30month period the US has already spent as the occupying power there. During those 30 months, ethnic and sectarian tensions have worsened considerably.
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e world's emerging arms markets. A fierce competition is also beginning in Latin America amid expectations that the Clinton administration is about to end an almost twodecadesold unofficial ban on the sales of advanced US weaponry to the region.Neither market offers the kind of multibilliondollar deals that marked the international arms business during the cold war. At the most, the prospective NATOmember Eastern Europeans may need to buy 200 aircraft over the next eight years, while Chile is looking for 20 right away. But the intensity of the rivalries for the sales underscores how the massive contraction in the market from a high of $83 billion in 1987 to $31.8 billion in 1995 has arms merchants scrambling for whatever business they can get.Thus the prospective freelease deals for prospective NATO members: US firms figure that once they get their planes on emerging market air bases, they will will have a huge advantage in future competitions for actual sales.It's such a buyer's market, says Laura Lumpe of the
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ore di studi latinoamericani al the paul h. nitze school of advanced international studies ( sais ) , the johns hopkins university . russell crandall , candidato phd l
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victory, but the outcome is in dispute. Mr. Chen did not achieve success with a referendum on strengthening Taiwan's military, which failed to get the necessary 50 percent voter participation.The referendum was seen by Beijing as a ploy to further the movement for a Taiwanese declaration of independence. But Beijing, which argues that Taiwan is part of China, clearly disapproves of Chen as a perceived proponent of independence.This puts the US on the spot. As is the case with Russia, China has been helpful to the Bush administration, taking the lead in delicate sixparty talks with North Korea designed to neutralize Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. This is a key US objective.Perhaps as a quid pro quo, the Chinese have sought US influence in quelling proindependence talk in Taiwan and Bush has indeed sought to dispel Chen's ardor in this regard.But while he may seek accommodation with China, the incoming US president would be obliged to stand firm in defense of Taiwan should China initiate punitive military act
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, a business consultant in Karachi, who felt compelled to pen a newspaper oped.Efforts like these eventually paid off. Days before the race, Lahore city officials said the mixed race would go on. Hundreds of women, including Rafique, turned out for the shorter family runs, dashing and walking alongside their husbands and children.Ordinary citizens hope their participation demonstrates the direction in which Pakistan is headed. My family took part in the race because we wanted to make a statement. Because we don't find it right, the separation, says Aamir Rafique, Nabila's husband, walking briskly to keep pace with his wife.The advantages: He won't accumulate any more debt along with the 18 percent interest that gets tacked on for the next couple of years that it takes to pay [the balance] off, says the Stamford, Conn., resident.Mr. Adcock is not alone.A recent Mastercard survey indicates that 24 percent of Americans are using the socalled debit cards, or bank cards, that act like plastic checks.This shift to deb
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footage, and a variety of computer effects, may seem a bit cursory (making huge leaps of time and space), but then Adventures in Time is tremendously ambitious. It tries to show how all life is linked.Evolution of culture is part of the evolving spectacle, we learn from narrator John Lithgow.The Hagahai people of New Guinea have maintained their culture for thousands of years a culture now threatened by encroaching civilization.A 2,500yearold tomb is opened in Abusir, Egypt, revealing secrets of ancient Egyptian court life.Robert Ballard, who led the expedition that found the Titanic in 1985, explores ancient Roman and Arab shipwrecks under the Mediterranean.The ancient Mayan culture of Central America rises and falls long before European contact, the victim of warfare a primitive activity shared by cultures high and low around the world.Diversity of life on earth is as important as its continuity. At one point, the film looks at human labor and Mr. Lithgow intones, The sheer diversity of labor reflects the sca
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who is originally from Boston. The war is unjustified. It violates human rights. We have to make it stop.Onlookers were surprised but pleased to see the rally.Why is America invading their countryasked one woman who would only give her surname of Yang. She brought her young grandson to the park. This should be solved by peaceful means. The ordinary people don't want this war.Glued to the televisionChinese citizens have been glued to TV screens providing 24hour coverage of the war. Yang said she and her family make a point to watch it every day.Her grandson has found the war images disturbing. The Iraqi children look so sad, he said.Another onlooker said it was good to see foreigners express their opposition to the war. They should protest, said Mr. Li, who also withheld his full name. It's good to show that it is not just Chinese who are opposed to the war, but foreigners, too. This will put more pressure on them to stop.A few hours later, at the other end of town, about 100 students showed up at Chaoyang Park
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und modalitten wider. in einem solchen szenario in dieser woche nordkorea stimmt grundstzlich zu demontieren und den usa stimmt grundstzlich zu sicherheitsgarantien bieten . dann w
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expert and a ``success.'' But leaders in our society tend to be those who have more than narrow professional training those who have explored interconnections between fields, learned foreign languages, and understood diverse cultures, the scientific method, poetry, music, economics, and history.Finally, liberalarts colleges are about as safe a place as one can find for making mistakes, and having help as one picks up and learns from these mistakes. Liberal arts colleges offer countless opportunities for compassionate counseling and residential education, for leadership development, for sports and fitness activities, for making lasting friendships, and for personal growth. Liberalarts colleges care a lot about courage, creativity, integrity, values, and community.These institutions have among the best retention and graduation rates of all colleges and universities. They have a proven record of educating top pro
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elebrity in his own time. Unlike Byron, whose fame was enhanced by his role as a brooding outcast and romantic rebel, Goethe was esteemed as a sage.Goethe in Weimar sleeps, and Greece,/ Long since, saw Byron's struggle cease, begins Matthew Arnold's 1850 poem Memorial Verses.When Goethe's death was told, we said/ Sunk, then, is Europe's sagest head./ Physician of the iron age,/ Goethe has done his pilgrimage.Arnold's image of the wise, objective Goethe leaves out the side of him that first captured the public's heart in The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774), a novel that took Germany by storm, mirroring the cult of Sentimentalism then prevalent and spawning a new cult of Wertherism.The story is told from the viewpoint of its sensitive, not to say selfabsorbed, young hero, who commits suicide when the woman he loves marries someone else.It is, at once, Goethe's tribute to Sentimentality and his critique of its exc
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dan says is the only avenue open for reaching a negotiated settlement between Israel and its Arab neighbors.One indication of the depth of Jordanian anger was the granting of a rare, ontherecord interview by Gen. Zaid ben Shaker, commander in chief of the Jordanian Armed Forces, to the Monitor. General ben Shaker, considered the most powerful man in Jordan after Hussein, usually prefers to stay in the background. But in a lengthy conversation about Jordan's strategic posture, the general spoke repeatedly of the poor state of JordanianUS relations.``I feel that this country our King and all of us have tried very hard to be friendly to the United States and this good will has not been returned,'' ben Shaker said.He feels ``very badly'' about the US involvment in selling arms covertly to Iran, the general said, and about the US refusal to sell weapons to Jordan as well as the Reagan administration's failure to a
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ing pictures in the stunning new centennial exhibition of her work, which has opened at the National Gallery here. The misty gray ``East River at the Shelton,'' ``The Shelton with Sunspots,'' and ``Radiator Building Night, New York,'' with Stieglitz's name flashing in red neon lights, were all done in that period, the mid to late 1920s.Her life and her art were inextricably linked with Stieglitz, the celebrated photographer who launched her fame in 19l6 by hanging her first abstract works, shown him by a friend at his Gallery 291. ``Finally a woman on paper,'' he is reported to have said. In 1929 O'Keeffe spent four months away from Stieglitz in the New Mexico landscape that her art craved. And in a 1930 letter to her friend Dorothy Brett she wrote ``...the Mountain calls one and the desert and the sagebrush the country seems to call one in a way that one has to answer it.'' Two years later she wrote to New
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all of the country if we do not continue to fight the drug trafficking problem headon,'' says Lemos, now a columnist for Bogata's El Tiempo newspaper.Terrorists working for the Medellin cartel have been blamed for hundreds of recent murders, both of civilians and police on the city streets. In the first five months of 1990 there were 3,160 homicides in Medellin compared to 2,176 during the same period for 1989. The cartel's gunmen shot and killed 160 police officers from January to May of 1990. There were no assassinations of police in the first five months of 1989.The violence is, perhaps, even more disturbing because its escalation is not only the work of drug traffickers, nor even of criminals in general, human rights activists say. Many civilian deaths have been in the form of mass killings of young people in the city's poor neighborhoods, where the cartel's hired killers are based. According to human righ
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dors meeting today to consider airstrikes to end the siege of Sarajevo, and Bosnia's warring factions resuming peace talks in Geneva Feb. 10, the ``turning point'' in question concerns not so much the situation on the ground as the preparedness of the international community to move from declaration to action.Despite a shift in sentiment in favor of military action, many observers say airstrikes are still unlikely. A number of analysts sense that stillharsher threats will be devised to influence negotiations with a focus on Sarajevo and attempts to promote a lifting of the city's siege but words will not yet be replaced by bombs.NATO's action is being ``pushed along by [UN SecretaryGeneral] Boutros BoutrosGhali for reasons tied to strengthening the negotiating position in Geneva,'' a NATO official says. ``The idea seems to be to focus on securing Sarajevo as a safe haven as an intermediary solution.''Any NATO
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yoral race is incumbent William Hudnut. The former Republican congressman and Presbyterian minister's major opponent on the Nov. 8 ballot is Democrat John Sullivan, a local attorney. Candidates from the Socialist Workers Party and Libertarian Party also are running.The year's two biggest mayoral upsets thus far were those of former US Rep. Harold Washington, who ousted Jane Byrne from the mayoral seat in Chicago's municipal primary, and Federico Pena, who ended the 14year reign of William McNichols Jr. in Denver.On Monday he will close out the National Football League's regular season when he works the San FranciscoMinnesota game alongside his longesttenured Mondaynight sidekicks: playbyplay man Al Michaels and fellow analyst Dan Dierdorf.``I think we do as good a job as any threesome that has worked these games,'' he says during a phone call to his personal New York office. Despite going their separate ways du
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roduktion . den seneste federal reserve undersgelse af regionale konomiske betingelser viser business aktivitet er faldet til en gennemgang pnogle areas.europe tilbyder den strste positive indflydelse pverden. selvom bremse lidt , er den europiske konomi forventes fortsat at vokse en sund 2,6 procent i r. da de europiske lande gr de fleste af deres handel med hinanden, europas konomi er relativt uafhngig af us trends.at nuvrende tidspunkt er der ingen overbevisende tegn p, at afmatningen i den amerikanske konomi er at have betydelige og varige afsmittende virkninger pdet euroarea konomi som helhed , duisenberg ,
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ge , kontrarevolutionen er hverken en kamp mellem to lige legitime holdninger er heller ikke hizbollah leder hassan nasrallah en muslimsk martin luther king jr. nogle fundamentalistiske shiamuslimer opsat pdd over amerika , som de synger i stvner med knyttede nver i vrede. de fleste af disse kontrarevolutionre er lejesoldater , der frst tiltrdte hizbollah til at fsin generse iranianfunded ln og derefter fik ideologisk indoctrinated.hizbullah har manipuleret libanons demokrati til at tjene irans dagsorden. emerging fra 15 rs blodig borgerkrig , der resulterede i 100 milliarder dollars i samlede skader har den libanesiske
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hvor mindre, langsommere skibe og spredte fragt holdt tropper venter pderes udstyr langt longer.back i rkenen operationer [ af 1991 ] alle bare sendt stuff til havnen , og hvis det skulle den vej de lgge det pskibet. det gres til et mareridt gifte det op pden anden side , siger oberst tom thompson, stabschef for hrens militre traffict management command i alexandria, va.today , en flde af 19 nye rollon , rolloff skibe designet til at overvinde disse problemer er hastigt lastning og degorgering hrens kampvogne , lastbiler , helikoptere og andet grej . edb stow planer giver mulighed for en enheds udstyr, der skal grupper
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yriser klanen. jeg appellerede til ham til at holde mor i bay.for et stykke tid, han gjorde. lige den praktisk , han traskede til butikken , vender tilbage med den perfekte ur. det var den nyeste ting , proklamerede han med stolthed : en elektrisk clockradio, komplet med lysende skive . nu kunne jeg vgne op til den beroligende lyd af min foretrukne fm -station en preteen drm , mens du ligger roligt i mrke. jeg kunne lette mig ind consciousness.trouble var , gjorde det ikke. i stedet , musik lettet sig ind i mine drmme. sfar kom op med en anden lsning. han lnte mig hans rejse alarm, en niftylooking gadget med en hslig sopran
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ne mde sgodt, men hun er vores dronning ogs, shar vi en tendens til at holde det for os selv og handle meget ophidset, nr hun eller en af hendes utallige kuld kommer til at besge hver par months.you 'll ndt til at glemme pistolen ting , okaycanadierne ikke gr pistolen ting . og du vil komme til at tnke pfn som en rigtig 'hot' organisation , ikke den hemmelige magt bag trilaterial provision. og glem ikke , ikke mere krig. canadierne ikke gr krig , vi ' fredsbevarende '. hvorfor fordi vi opfandt det. d' uh . undskyld mig , jeg mener , \" sknhed, eh . og ingen flere drlige munden ' socialiseret medicin. \"og du bl
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, flles fjendskab mod usa ikke gre hussein og mr. bin laden allies.hussein en sekulr og bin laden, en muslimsk fundamentalist , er kendt for at foragte hinanden. bin ladens erklrede sympatier er altid mod det irakiske folk , ikke regime.this er ikke at sige , at hussein har nogen forbindelse til terrorister . i renes lb , brugte terroristleder abu nidal , der dde i baghdad sidste r irak som en engang base. terrorisme eksperter heller ikke udelukke, at nogle al qaeda krigere har sneget sig ind i irakisk territory.the point , siger eric larson, en seniorpolitik analytiker ved rand , der har specialiseret sig i den offentlige m
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kontoret. nu, om denne brandbil ....den russiske prsident vil slutte verdens ledere i dag og i morgen pden rlige topmde for gruppen af de syv ( g7 ), der frer industrinationer , som bnede i gr i den canadiske by halifax.but mens prsident jeltsin , ivrige efter at vre en fuldgyldig partner med vesten har udbasuneret indsamling som en politisk big eight konomiske sevenandahalf rusland er stadig langt fra at fden globale accept er det ndvendigt at join.although den russiske prsident har til hensigt at \" slutte sig til diskussioner om globalt strategiske problemer \" er det svrt at forestille sig, hvad der virkelig be
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gtil den nrliggende place d' aligre udendrs marked, hvor nordafrikanske kvinder handlet hos deres babyer indpakket pryggen , og algeriske mnd nippede myntete pde arabiske te shop.on andre ture jeg har taget en polaroid kamera ved hnden billeder til folk jeg fotograferet. med det digitale kamera , jeg var i stand til at vise billedet til folk immediately.this forrsagede lidt af en opsigt pden dag, jeg satte om at gre portrtter af marketgoers . en afrikansk kvinde i en lang kjole med lacy rmer og matchende klud viklet om hovedet , ledsaget af sine to drenge , der truer ude af direkte sollys for mig. da jeg viste hende
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edurer , satte coast guard i beredskab , og med held beskyttet vinter-ol i salt lake city fra enhver terrorist threat.but er der stadig store huller i amerikansk antiterrorisme planlgning , og det er ikke srlig mr. ridge skyld . han formodes at opgradere og koordinere homeland security operation blandt snesevis af relevante amerikanske regeringsorganer , men han har endnu ikke den myndighed eller ressourcer, som jobbet demands.some af anbefalingerne fra en tvrpolitisk kommission om national sikkerhed , som afsluttede sit arbejde sidste r er blevet gennemfrt , men andre , kritisk dem ligge dormant.one af de mest store er oprette
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yg fr petade samveten auktoritra hrskare , den amerikanska rapporten om religis frfljelse br fortstta att frbttra dess skribenter fmer sofistikerade i att frstden frndrade dynamiken i frtryck . istllet r det frilge ofta , ofta upprepa samma sprk frn ett r till nsta . utrikesdepartementet behver hja dess sevrdheter . lawrence a. uzzell r vd fr international religious freedom watch .vare sig det ostindiska te , kemikalier frn industriella revolutionen fabriker , eller raw modernday avlopp , har bay staters behandlas ofta deras primra port som fga mer n en papperskorg bin.famously , george bush r 19
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frsker saddam hussein , kommer den amerikanska regeringen r praktiskt nog att de vill stdja det . ( c ) copyright 2000 . christian science publishing societyintresserad av att se halfmile tunneln handdug av bosniska regeringsstyrkor och volontrer under 1993 fr att ansluta den belgrade staden med governmentheld territorium , besker vi sarajevos turistbyrn fr att be om directions.a 20something ungdom ger oss en broschyr med en bungled karta och ingen kontakt telefonnummer och sedan skickligt styr oss mot attraktioner downtown . fr jag freslatt du ser dessa kyrkor han sger , cirklande ngra landmrken pstadens map.
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et left.still , forventer han at ved neste uke senator kerry vil bli siterer clarke i hver tale . du watch.the president , i mellomtiden , vil fra sin mobberen prekestolen fortsette gjre det slik at han gjr alt han kan for forsvare landet , sier rutgers university professor ross baker.really , i lpet av gjenoppbygging i irak vil ha en mye strre innvirkning enn hva richard clarke sier professor baker stater. folk har korte minner. og de kommer til dm
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finansiering , og med nedgradering av deres funksjoner er sportsfiske for opprykk pdiplomatisk , snarere enn informasjon , side av house.the beste av verdener ville trolig vre en renessanse av usia i sitt tidligere , egen stat , men fpolitikerne i washington ser det som mulig . sulike aktrer plaget av det langsiktige offentlig diplomati vakuum er pdriver for andre action.republican henry hyde , formann i house international relations committee , og t
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come til en verden av rabatt bespisning og automatiske kostnadsbesparelser , en av de nyeste vendinger i et forsk med kredittkort selskaper for beile nye kortbrukere basert pfordeler svel som gebyrer og renter rates.competition mellom creditcard selskaper har kt kraftig det siste ret , understreket av cardcompany gigantene mastercard og american express stampe phverandres torv : mastercard lanserer et kort med ingen forhndsinnstilt kredittgrense me
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rafien med uvanlig detalj og artisteri , presentere en krnike som vever livet med film , faktisk med fantasy , i en stil som minner av den store regissrens avantgarde style.kezich mler fellini liv ikke i r , men i filmer ( for de av oss som har behov for flere keisersnitt enheter, er en tidslinje levert som vedlegg ) . han gir strst tid og rom til de mest sentrale og innflytelsesrike verk av fellinis karriere, blant dem jeg vitelloni ( 1953 ) , la strada
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re . den ekonomiska frdelse som orsakas av stra asiens valutakris , till exempel , strtade frankrade regimer i sydkorea och indonesien , och ersatte dem med ledare lngt mer demokratisk . men principerna fr politisk frndring fortfarande slumpartat .fyra unga kvinnor i arizona och tre unga mn i new mexico sga att det r vad de mter frn manliga chefer pmcdonalds franchise dr de arbetade . i stmningar frra veckan av us equal employment opportunity commission ( eeoc ) mot franchisetagare , de detalj laddningar av verbala trakasserier och fysiska vergrepp . de anstllda varierade i lder mellan 14 och 17 pden tiden ,
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sition freslagit sen spencer abraham ( r ) i michigan som skulle hja en till omkring 195.000 har en bttre chans i congress.opponents av h1b lag har tre complaints.1 . ven mrkta tillflligt anstllda , de flesta h1b aktrer kvar i usa efter sixyear grnsen har passerat . de sker andra employmentrelated viseringar som fr dem en eftertraktad green card . svisum r ett stt att ka invandringen utan en nationell debatt om dess merits.2 . de utlndska hgteknologiska arbetstagare inte behvs . internet och andra datafretag kunde omskola amerikanska arbetare , speciellt ldre , fr att gra job.3 . kampen ver h1b lag har blivi
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jutmaning i kaspiska verkligen har frt dessa regeringar tillsammans , sger mary matthews , miljkonsult arbetar fr nrvarande psanering . visst , det finns ngra allvarliga problem , men det finns ocksnytt hopp fr caspian.while inte ny , miljfredsbevarande har frsummats i ratal av forskare och aktivister inom omrdet miljskerhet . nu r det brjar change.one anledningen ser vi en mycket mer intresse fr denna id
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ndling for tropper , samt vedlikehold for alt fra stridsvogner til radioer . et av selskapene utfrer kjemiske og biologiske vpen deteksjon og sanering , og produserer ogsryk skjule bakken bevegelser pviktige knutepunkter som river crossings.and selv soldater som barnaba er ofte de ukjente heltene i militre kampanjer , de jobber hardt og ansikt risiko i mye psamme mte som de i kamp . skanning av trre , forblste horisonten etter tegn pden neste
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ens says.the han mest alvorlige mten gjenger undergrave fengsel sikkerhet er gjennom kjre ulovlig drugsmuggling og distribusjonsnett , representant dart og andre sier ekspertene. stor fortjeneste fra fengsel legemiddelsalg gi gjenger penger de kan bruke til delegge lowpaid fengsel officers.in en fersk , slende eksempel , ble larry hoover , den anerkjente lederen av gangster disciples ( gd ) gjengen , nylig dmt for kjre en stor kokain enterprise fra
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631976 , inkludert 37 tidligere uutgitte spor og sjelden konsert footage.johnny cash : the complete sun recordings , 19551958 ( $ 39 ) hr 61 johnny cash sanger slik de opprinnelig ble spilt inn fratatt alle overdubber for den rene lyden av man in black . en 40page innbundet hefte inneholder sjeldne eller tidligere upublisert photos.bill evans : the complete village vanguard recordings , 1961 ( $ 29 ) tre plater fange jazz pianist og hans trio 25. juni 1961. a
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er bygd opp mer ved et uhell . cape cod , for eksempel , begynte som en ferieby og utviklet i en ganske nonplanned mte . vi har en mulighet , over en 20year periode, for gjre dette til en litt bedre opplevelse enn om det bare skjedde randomly.how vil planlagte samfunn som watercolor ligne seasidewatercolor er ved siden av seaside , og til slutt , jeg tror de to vilje slags blanding sammen . arkitekturen skal vre av samme dialekt ikke akkurat det samme
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orade production.o ' lenic tillgger att olika typer av svra vderfrhllanden kan vara interrelated.consider , till exempel , fenomenet positiv feedback torka. mindre fukt i jorden kar strlningen psolljus , vilket i sin tur resulterar i stigande marktemperaturer . torka fder vrme , vilket frvrrar torka. tillsammans med torkan och vrmen kommer en hgre sannolikhet fr wildfire.new mexiko har sett smnga hektar skog och grsmark svrtade eftersom det normalt upplever i ett helt r , och sommaren har inte ens arrived.farflung smokefires , i sin tur , kan pverka luft kvalitet fr mnniskor som lever hundratals miles medvi
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gamle tegneserier og enkelte filmer, og en svrt freklamer [ nat alle beveger seg mot techno og kjente gamle pop sanger] er omtrent de eneste stedene folk er jevnlig utsatt for klassisk musikk i det hele tatt anymore.this er ikke bare et problem for utdanning i usa, der musicappreciation klasser er nesten utddd . i europa og asia , er klassisk musikk fortsatt betraktet som en del av felles kunnskap og ikke en hplst fortynnede kunst. men i usa , ms tay
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bare forverret situasjonen for de store flyselskapene ved tilby lavere fares.trippler hevder villedende salgsarbeidet som dette: like fr annonsere en '' 50 prosent av '' salg , for eksempel et flyselskap knekt opp prisen pen billett . s'' salg '' prisen er ofte prisen fr det gikk opp . flyselskapet varsler pressen av rabatten , og den '' salg '' er rapportert som nyheter. innen 48 timer , har sgodt som alle andre amerikanske operatrer tilbys identi
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n med hennes young.the hatchlings var en gte se : trevlet fjr , magre ansikter , krp sammen i cuplike reir . moren tolerert vre fbesk , venter pvinduet abbor . jeg oppfordret barna til vre kort , husker den jevne strmmen av wellmeaning beskende etter hvert av min egen deliveries.after familien hadde forlatt et par uker senere , ryddet jeg birdsplattered treverk og vindusrutene . og jeg forlot redet uforstyrret, klar for en mulig tredje visit.jo
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jeg tror at nettverk er gratis opprette og luft dem . folk er ogsfri til ta sine uenigheter ut av reelle domstoler til tv domstoler , og andre mennesker er gratis se pfyrverkeri som flge. jeg tror ogsat det generelt er offentlig gransking av domstolene grunnleggende for et fritt samfunn og vr respekt for law.televising virkelige rettssalen forhandlingene , eventuelt fremmer denne mlsettingen . men fordi det er for mange amerikanere som kan fet
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blivit allt tydligare i r , och den hr veckan : google r den mest utbredda nrvaro pinternet , och dess hot mot hgteknologiska jttar som microsoft r mycket verklig indeed.but inbyggd i denna dominans r ett dilemma : googles mycket framgng ppnar det upp till ny kritik . googles tillvxtutsikterna r stora , men i everchanging rike hightech , r en lrdom som monopolistisk makt r sllan lika verklig eller permanent eftersom det kan seem.they sjlva vet att detta r ett snabbt frnderligt landskap , och de mste hlla nyskapande , sger paul saffo , chef fr institutet fr framtiden i palo alto , kalifornien det r en ri
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ade fretagets governance.a beteendefrndring ... kanske redan i tget , r mr greenspan said.regulation och lag som stelnade . men greenspan varnar att reglerna inte kan erstta tecken . och george washington university mr etzioni oroar att beroendet av washington politiker pfretagens kampanjbidrag kommer knapra bort pskrpta regler fr business.then finns uppmrksamhet i media . frmodligen varje dag , berttelser relaterade till bolagsstyrning ytan en fretagsledare upp anklagad fr maktmissbruk , en redovisning rra , en konferens , hrsel , ett fredrag om subject.fed guvernren susan schmidt bies talade ocksom styrels
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me employers have ''mothers hours,'' Mr. McFarland notes, such as 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.First, she should check her own life, medical, and disability insurance coverage. She should also name a relative as guardian, should she die before the child becomes an adult.Second, she might put $3,000 to $5,000 in an account under the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act for the child's college education. Here, any interest the money earns is taxed at the child's rate, meaning it will be taxfree in most years.Also, if she needs marketable skills, she might consider using part of the money for her own higher education. ''Invest in yourself,'' McFarland says.Another $20,000 or so might go into an ''emergency fund'' in a bank money market deposit account (currently paying about 8.5 percent), or a credit union (paying a similar rate).Now, Mr. McFarland notes, the $30,000 that is left should be put in several different places, to earn incom
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ges of restoration forestryThis is a bitter winter of discontent in the Granite State, and poor economic conditions there are sending a shiver through the Bush White House. The state is being hammered by high joblessness, failed banks, and hundreds of home foreclosures after 36 months of the Bush presidency.Mr. Bush's political problems are both immediate and long term. In New Hampshire, he is being harshly criticized by an outspoken Republican conservative rival, Patrick Buchanan.Beyond that primary, now just five weeks away, his political standing among voters is threatened nationally by the depressed economy and by a potentially explosive Supreme Court decision on abortion.Bush's first challenge, however, will be to weather the New Hampshire election. Mr. Buchanan, a TV commentator and newspaper columnist, is trying to help angry voters send Washington a message about jobs. His early successes worry Bush al
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xt two years, 25 4by4foot portraits will loom larger than life with ``don'ttreadonme'' eyes, feet, tails, and scales. Objective: To remind viewers of the ephemeral character of our natural surroundings.``This issue is simply not as apparent as drugs and crime to most people,'' says McCormick. ``We wanted to find a way for people who can't or don't get out there and see what's happening to be stimulated as to the problem.''The yellowbilled cuckoo, giant kangaroo rat, magic gecko, brown pelican, and golden trout are five such creatures. The objective is to take museumgoers from the saltbrush scrub to the grassland plains to the freshwater marshes, to show how no corner of the ecosystem has escaped decimation.Entitled ``The Vanishing Wildlife of California,'' the exhibit was codeveloped by the Nature Conservancy and the California Academy of Sciences and is the result of a twoyear collaboration with wellknown natu
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The secret with a diesel is to use a heavy foot on the accelerator pedal.What will give new impetus to the dieselrun 190 is a turbocharged version, due in the next year or so.The Environmental Protection Agency figures gas mileage on the 190, both diesel and gasfueled, as well as with both transmissions, 5speed manual and 4 speed automatic, at 35 m.p.g.The Mercedes 190 is in good company as it fights for sales among its West German neighbors, Audi and BMW, plus Sweden's Volvo and some of the highpriced American and Japanese cars. The company looks for younger buyers 38 to 40 for the 190. The average age for other Mercedes is in the mid40s.Its new 500series autos the toplevel 500SEC goes for $56,800 is a response to the demand for more performance in cars and less thought for economy.Despite the price line, the company expects to sell 70,000 cars in the US in 1983 and 75,000 in '84. Its longrange outlook is
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tlefield where teenagers roam the streets with militarytype weapons and murder innocent citizens.Schumer admits that the weapons he would ban are responsible for less than 1 percent of the nation's killings. But Police Chief David Steingraber of Menomonee Falls, Wis., a friend of the late Captain Lutz, argues:``I'm not impressed by statistics which say [assault] weapons like this aren't [widely] used in crime. If they are not, they will be.''On the other side, Heston ampamp Co. say the freedom to own a weapon for purposes of selfdefense, hunting, or recreation is enshrined in the US Constitution's Second Amendment. It is a basic civil right that the White House seems ready to put aside, they say.Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) of California, who opposes the ban, cites a study by Gary Kleck (``Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America'') to support his decision. The study concludes that on average, approximately 2,000 pe
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rights last October, Justice S. Ratnavel Pandian of the Madras High Court ordered the release of any prisoner who had been jailed without charges for more than six months. Approximately 300,000 undertrials were affected throughout the state of Tamil Nadu in the south.Nearly all of them were like Kashiram arrested on minor counts, with neither the knowledge nor the money to get involved in drawnout legal disputes, and consequently the most vulnerable to the excessive harassment of prison officials and the Indian police.Some of the cases, according to Justice Pandian, had been pending for the ''abominable extent of 17 years.''For Kashiram, it was nearly twice that long.Today, he remains impoverished, sharing a oneroom flat, with a peon and his family. He lives in the dusty, frontier town of Kishanganj near the Nepalese border, 250 miles northeast of here.Ironically and sadly, he is living in the Kishanganj cour
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n the space) particularly appealed to the architects on one tour. Led by Homer Russell, assistant director for urban design and downtown planning for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the tour was part bus ride, part walking. The architects craned their necks and pointed out building details to one another, drawing the attention of passersby.One of the infill projects that drew particular praise was a church that had been turned into a grouping of luxury condominiums at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street. A fire had burned out the church's interior, and local architect Graham Gund purchased it, created a lovely landscaped garden within the church walls, and designed condos around it.Liza Medek, an architect from Montreal, said of the result, It is architecturally wonderful apartment units surrounding an outdoor space, making it totally private, but on the corner of two very busy streets.Mr.
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r achieved her goal, skating the 500 meters in 38.99 seconds in Calgary. ``I'll never forget seeing those numbers,'' she says. ``Who would have thought that, at the age of 30, I would have been able to go faster than I ever had''Meeting personal goals is what drives Blair. Earning medals and fulfilling other people's expectations trail far behind.IN Norway, Blair was thrilled with her performance in the 1,500 meters even though she missed the bronze medal by 3100ths of a second. ``To me that was OK, because I skated a personal best record,'' Blair says. ``It was the first time I had skated a personal best in any race in six years. Sure, I had missed a medal, and if I had gotten a bronze medal I would have been that much more excited. But I skated faster than I ever had, and I was happy with that.''As the last of six speedskating Blair children, the pintsized Bonnie first took to the ice when she was two years
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filing in United States history.``There was a bet made on the interest rates, and the county lost the bet,'' says former state Treasurer Thomas W. Hayes, now directing the county's strategy to restructure its finances.Until this strategy is formally unveiled in about 120 days, by law, but possibly later life in one of the nation's wealthiest counties is being kept off balance by unknowns.``Frankly, it's too early to tell anything,'' says Sandy Sternberg, a county spokeswoman. ``The county has put a stop to projects that are not directly involved with health and welfare. Beyond that, each division is prioritizing top to bottom, keeping in mind a worsecase scenario.''The county did receive a boost Wednesday when it won court approval for a $200 million credit line from BankAmerica Corporation, clearing the way for the government to pay its mounting bills by using credit cards if necessary.For now, a hiring fre
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two miles to his newspaper job and back daily, is just one of an evergrowing number nationwide who are bicycling to work, changing the complexion of transportation in some areas of the country. Bruce Wilkinson, deputy director of the Bicycle Federation in Washington, D.C., estimates that 1 1/2 million to 2 million people commute by bicycle nationwide, up some threefold from the mid70s.''We are constantly trying to encourage bicycling as an alternative to cars, '' says Sandy McCarthy, Boulder's bicycle coordinator and a transportation specialist. ''Boulder has had a bicycle plan since 1976, and I've heard there is one bicycle for every two people here and I'd bet that's not so far from the truth.''Boulder, which has been dubbed the cycling mecca of the country, has 43.4 miles of bike paths and the climate (much of the year) and topography to encourage bicycle commuting. It also is the site of the Coors Internat
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try once known as middle Europe's engineering workshop. Living standards are better than in Poland or Romania. Nobody goes hungry. But the picture could have been very different.Leonid Brezhnev did more than simply quash a reform movement he perceived politically dangerous. He set the clock back for Czechoslovakia and, later, in Poland, just at the time when such countries needed to get themselves into the great technological revolution of the 1960s.Alexander Dubcek put it aptly in a recent interview. For 20 years, he said, his successors had ``copied everything'' and taken their cue from whatever Brezhnev was doing in the Soviet Union. Today, however, when Gorbachev is building Soviet reforms, the ``copying'' is less precise. ``The same people'', Dubcek says, ``are very selective about Gorbachev's perestroika (restructuring).''A Czech friend of 1968 is pessimistic. ``The time for takeoff was then. It was our c
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ts, although she still puts in more hours than I want to calculate. Of her financial status, she says I'm finally beginning to hold my own.Even Russell, whose calendar is filling up with both apparel and interior projects, held a parttime job with the Massachusetts State Arts Council until last June. She insists, however, that for herself and for other artists, the determination to fulfill a creative calling is unwavering. One thing about artists is that no matter how bad it gets, they still do it.For Bergman, who draws her inspiration from ethnic, antique, and costume designs, her profession ties her to ancient traditions and the anonymous history of women artists. I feel connected with a long tradition of women artists who were often taken for granted, she says.For these artists, perhaps the most compelling reason for creating wearable art is to communicate something about themselves. Julie Schafler Dale call
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father's mother, is perhaps more than anyone else the guiding spirit of my cooking classes and my cookbook.''Owen placed before us two meat dishes. Gule Kambingi is a ragout of lamb in an aromatic sauce of cloves, cinnamon, lemon grass and pepper, and Rendang Kalio is beef that has been cooked long and slowly in coconut milk. Rendang is probably the most traditional dish in Indonesia. In West Central Sumatra, it is known as Minangkabau, which means ``Victorious Buffalo,'' Owen explains. ``People of this area eat more buffalo than beef, for cows are scarce in the islands, but in the US you can buy buffalo meat which is excellent, although beef can be substituted.``Lamb,'' she says, ``is the bestliked meat in Indonesia. Indonesian cooks regard lamb as an undisciplined, highly flavored meat, which needs plenty of garlic to keep it under control.'' Along with the meat dishes was a fragrant Indonesian rice. Dessert
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village shows that it also includes a park for youngsters, an enormous public swimming pool, and a small horse track. The waterway that divides the village into two parts with aquatic scenes of floating swans is also sprinkled with shoreline gazebos, where visitors can rest or picnic.Part of the reason for the appeal of the complex is its role as learning center. The Koreans who demonstrate traditional skills are not actors they are actually here to learn and preserve those skills. They are engaged in a formal training program that produces salable goods.Using the map to find your way through the village is the best way to locate the crafts that interest you most. The guides tend to stop at every hut, give a cursory explanation, and then move on in order to include everything.But inevitably vistors will want to linger at some stops the kitchen where gluten candy is made from steamed rice and barley, for exampl
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f Staff chairman David Jones charges that among many ``serious deficiencies'' in the defense establishment is a ``lack of discipline in the budget process [that] prevents making the very tough choices of deciding what to do and what not to do.'' The result, the former Air Force general wrote shortly after he retired as the nation's top military man, is ``bewildering internal disputes over resources and turf.''Robert Komer, the former head of policy in the Defense Department, estimates that such interservice rivalry adds up to $50 billion a year to military spending.The Pentagon's Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS), fashioned by former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara in the 1960s, was designed to reduce the costliness of this service competition. In strippeddown form, it works like this:About a year and a half before a president sends his budget to Capitol Hill, the Joint Chiefs of Staff iss
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tronghold fell. To this day, Gamla is known as the Masada of the north.To Jewish settlers in the Israelioccupied Golan Heights, Gamla is redolent with historical significance.I just want to remind you that when Gamla was destroyed, Jerusalem was destroyed, Mr. Ambar notes, his eyes still playing over the ancient city.There are many people who believe that this land has to do with the protection of Jerusalem and the protection of many other parts of this country, he says.In the nearby settlement of Kazrin, home to 3,500 of the Golan's 11,500 Jewish residents, Dedi Gofer puts it more plainly.If you give away the Golan, you give away Jerusalem, says Mr. Gofer, who looks after the settlement's new arrivals, many of whom are recent immigrants from the Soviet Union.Settler concerns have been raised by United States Secretary of State James Baker III's shuttle diplomacy, which is aimed at reaching a Middle East peace
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ible work to which Godard and his collaborators including AnneMarie Mieville, his partner for many years have dedicated themselves. To balance this, the MoMA program rightly focuses on an aspect of cinema that has been a primary Godard obsession: the infinitely malleable relationship between sight and sound, two sensory dimensions that have vastly more possibilities for counterpoint, dialectics, and mutual illumination than Hollywood is usually willing to admit, much less explore and utilize.It is a superbly assembled show, making a forceful case for an artist who deserves far more sustained attention than he has lately received.JeanLuc Godard: Son+Image, 19741991 was organized by film curator Laurence Kardish and colleagues. In addition to many films including the 1982 drama Passion and the 1985 comedy Detective, which have received theatrical exposure in the US, the program contains various GodardMieville t
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n global population issues,'' says Susan Weber, executive director of the private group Zero Population Growth, based in Washington.The UN conference will consider a broad ``program of action'' for the next 20 years, intended to stabilize world population, now 5.6 billion, at 7.8 billion by the year 2050. The 118page draft document to be discussed in Cairo includes ambitious goals: family planning services available to all who want them, improved health and education facilities, economic development, environmental protection. A major theme throughout is better treatment of women.``Part and parcel of our strategy is the promotion of the social, political, and economic rights of women extraordinarily important resources for growth and agents of change,'' US Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs Timothy Wirth told the National Press Club last month.Clinton policy attackedWhile there is general bipartisan sup
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value, plus taxes,'' says Sami. ``Fortunately, no one has lost his bond so far.''Yusif Shaheen, Egypt's most internationally renowned directorproducer, blames overcommercialization what he calls the merchants for sad technical state of his industry. ``Wherever you look, they are in charge. The merchants have sapped every cinematic machine, every lab, every sound stage,'' says Mr. Shaheen.Ahmed Sami agrees, noting that most Egyptian producers make cheap, lowquality films directed at the 125 movie houses in Cairo and Alexandria, where urbanites of moderate means purchase governmentsubsidized theater tickets. But whereas Sami sees hope for change in remarks Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has made about rescinding outdated laws and regulations, Shaheen thinks more legal supervision of the film industry is needed. ``There's a startling lack of laws for managing our industry,'' he observ es. ``It could easily go
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on in each country.NATO leaders resist the concept that some Central European countries will be on a fast track to NATO membership. Any discrimination between applicants for the Partnership threatens to create new EastWest divisions in Europe. But, as Mr. Woerner puts it, countries will pace themselves according to how quickly they can meet the requirements.``Ultimately, the Partnership will lead to the enlargement of NATO and help us to build a security based not on Europe's divisions but on the potential of its integration,'' Clinton said at the end of the summit.Ukraine dealThe deal to denuclearize Ukraine was ``one of the most important nonproliferation steps taken in years,'' Christopher said. It was worked out by US, Ukrainian, and Russian officials after Ukraine and Russia reached an impasse last summer and asked the US for help.The catalyst seemed to be the prospect of a meeting between Clinton and Ukra
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ore restrained and hence more successful European approach to the Qaddafi problem. In general, European governments act on the assumption that Qaddafi's revolutionary zeal is primarily directed toward the Muslim world that he bears no enmity to the West except where Western interests collide with his own regional ambitions and that paying too much attention to him only inflates his importance. The European policy of restrained rhetoric coupled with vigorous local counteraction in effect, limited containment has enabled France to checkmate Libya in Chad, and Britain to crack down on Libyan gunmen in London, without unduly endangering their citizens or business interests inside Libya.Colonel Qaddafi is undoubtedly a disruptive force, but not by virtue of his military potential. He is a latterday Mahdi who for the moment is riding the tiger of leftwing Islamic fundamentalism which outsiders meddle with at their
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ylon tents are from canvas.The stateofart pots to put on the grill are stainless steel with copperjacketed bottoms, to spread cooking heat more evenly. A threepot nesting set by Peak One will cost about $30. For a family of four or five, add on a separate eightquart utility pot. Pot tops are designed to be used as frying pans.Our kitchen equipment also includes two spatulas, wire whisk, measuring cup and spoons, large stirring spoon, small ladle, plastic oneliter bottle for mixing liquids, potholder, kitchen knife and sharpening stone, can opener, corkscrew, two collapsible plastic 2.5gallon water jugs, and a sturdy fire grill rescued from an abandoned charcoal broiler. Sometimes we carry a large plastic bowl for mixing and serving.For each person: a stainless steel Sierra cup, a sturdy plastic soup bowl and plate, and a stainless steel camp knife, fork, and spoon.For your flashlight, look at the socalled ``min
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ing in the government or a mainstream party who receives more ``yes'' than ``no'' responses when the public is asked, ``would this person make a good president''why has this happened that which matters to the french people is not grasped by the principal parties the socialists or the gaullists. with the populace far better off on average than ever before, and with the cold car ending, the major parties seem unable to find the pulse of france.jeanmarie le pen has been the beneficiary of public disgust with ``old politics.'' it is his extreme rightwing dogma ``france aux fran,cais'' (france for the french) that has set the agenda for the country's politics in 1990, while gaullists and socialists have tried to cope.le pen's support is drawn heavily from strata that have not shared in france's 1980s prosperity. the gap in consumption between france's wealthiest and poorest households has widened in the last 10 years, while employment remains at 9.5 percent.the
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rtly due to the perfectionist nature of the japanese, and their belief that with constant work and an indefatigable will a person can accomplish anything. the emphasis on making the effort is so strong, he says, that how hard a player tries is considered by many the ultimate measure of success.or as former san francisco giant chris arnold put it: ``i'll tell you the big difference between japan and the us. in the us we believe that a player has a certain amount of natural ability and with practice he reaches a certain peak point, but after that no amount of practice will make him better, because after a certain point your ability reaches its limits. but the japanese believe there is no peak point. they don't recognize limits.''at the same time, the brazilian leader is becoming increasingly weakened and politically isolated as disputes smolder among political leaders. businessmen, workers, and public opinion have turned against him.key leaders of the majority bra
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ling severalfootlong ``air roots.'' on the right lies one perfect white sand beach after another, such as palmlined haena beach, which was bali hai in ``south pacific.''just beyond haena beach, look for the wellmarked maniniholo dry cave in the hillside to the left. named for a legendary fisherman, this cave is actually a milelong lava tube, which was formed when the outside of a lava flow cooled down and the stillhot core exploded outward. farther ahead are the waikapalae and waikanaloa wet caves, filled with water.within a mile, kuhio highway ends at haena point and splendid kee beach, but this is not the last of kauai's north shore charms. ahead lies the na pali coastline a succession of needlelike mountains and steep, rocky cliffs where waterfalls drop hundreds of feet into the roiling ocean surf.although the na pali coast is too rugged for any road, agile visitors can follow an ancient hawaiian trail that alternately passes through junglefilled ravines and
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hanismen f
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ten und letztlich nachhaltig geschriebene musik die art, die nicht von einem auf den adlib spot.both steve reich und jeanluc ponty hat solide leistungen angenhert werden kann ist . reich gruppe spielte zwei abschnitte seiner meisterhaften percussion st
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he first transatlantic radio phone call. In those premoonwalk days, this was exciting beyond belief. I was numb with awe.With no briefing, I was plunked down in front of a console that had blinking lights, buzzing noises, and turning discs. They gave me an earpiece that went over my head. And a telephone speaker that reared in front of me like a hooded cobra.``Say, `Hello,' '' someone told me. ``Say, `Hello, Paris.' ''I said, ``Hello, Paris,'' quavering with stage fright. From the earpiece came a faint, faraway voice that said, ``All^o, New York.'' It had a French accent.``Say something,'' I was told by one of the executives. The black cobrahead glared at me. I thought it hissed, ready to strike. ``Say something.''Only they didn't mean, ``Say something.'' They meant ``Say something memorable.'' Something to ring down the ages. Something like Marconi's marveling, ``What hath God wrought!'' as he sent the first w
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images and rapidly executed sketches (no matter how effective they may be), as they would to large, powerfully painted canvases.This is, in short, a ``theme'' exhibition, not a fullbodied survey of Goya's achievements. As such, it makes its point clearly and well.As Mr. S'anchez states in the catalog's introduction: ``A large selection of the master's work is studied with regard to the historical circumstances that accompanied and so often conditioned it, especially the desire for change the enlightened in Spain aspired to instill in their fellow Spaniards so that the country would be transformed and modernized, thereby recovering its traditional vigor....``This movement was based ... on the promotion of reason, scientific experimentation, knowledge of nature ... and a profound confidence in the noblest attributes of humanity, freed from superstition, willful ignorance, or deliberate deception....``The metapho
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an government, following the elections, could further worsen the situation.``When you get right down to the bottom line, you're fueling a fighting machine,'' says Harvey Kean, spokesman for the US Army Natick Research and Development Laboratories located here in Natick, Mass. The Natick laboratories research and develop food, clothing, and equipment for US armed forces.``Food that is nutritious and that will store is crucial to carry out a mission,'' says Mr. Kean while escorting a writer to the food technology division. There, chief food technologist Jerry Darsch and his assistant Cathy Peterson have set up a smorgasbord of military food rations. Mr. Darsch offers samples while explaining the military's four ration options:MREs or Meals, Ready to Eat are the standard individual combat ration. Sealed in heavyheavyduty plastic pouches, they have a shelf life of three years at 80 degrees F. The military concept o
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) are forced to stop to do other things . . . for example, they have to be fire trained because they are the fire brigade at national parks. A lot of contractors are objecting to that,'' Craig says.While Rocky Mountain National Park is undergoing an analysis of its maintenance program, Yellowstone, for example, is taking bids on trash disposal. Companies from North Carolina to Tacoma, Wash., will be bidding on the contract to begin next fall. But, Craig says, key to the bid is whether the same level of service can be provided. ''It sounds easy but everything relates to the ecology (of the park),'' he says.Disgruntled Park Service employees are asking whether efficiency alone can provide integrity of park protection and enjoyment for visitors. For providing these things, the National Park Service has been considered an 8,500member fraternity that is unique among federal bureaucracies for its proud, content, yet
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d won both Rookie of the Year and MVP honors while leading Boston to the pennant and at the University of Southern California, where they had been teammates, Rich had been a much bigger star.''So I started off going 1for41,'' he recalled with a laugh. ''I figured out right then that it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought and that there were two sides to this game, and I better work on the other one (defense) too.''He did just that, of course, becoming one of the best glove men around at second, while quickly developing into a solid hitter as well.As for Dempsey, he has come to be thought of over the years as the heart of this scrappy Baltimore team, but he demurs at such a description.''I don't know about that,'' he said. ''I'm not doing anything any different from anybody else. I just play hard all the time but all the guys do that. Maybe I'm just in a position where it's more noticeable.''The agreement
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he Chrysler Corporation. ``We have reduced our production material suppliers from about 2,700 to about 2,300 today, and we would like to get that down to about 1,000 by 1990.''Not all the suppliers cut off by Chrysler will go out of business. Many will instead become second or thirdtier manufacturers.But quite a few are expected to be left out of the bidding.There is even some concern within the Big Three, where critics fear they may be turning over too much of their design duties and expertise to outsiders. In the past, many manufacturers measured their strength in their ability to design a car from top to bottom, but proponents of modular design say that approach is no longer justified, if for nothing else, because of the cost.The question crackles in dozens of cities across the country, as local leaders try to decide how much money if any taxpayers should be giving to attract or support a professional sp
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r. Simmer 2 minutes, remove from heat. Cool, stirring occasionally.Remove skin from fish and pound between two plastic wrap sheets until flattened to thickness of 1/8 inch. Sprinkle with nutmeg, spread orange sauce evenly over fillets, then roll and cut into 6 equal portions. Hold rolls in place with wooden picks.Place on charcoal broiler and broil slowly until done, brushing occasionally with butter. Fernandina Fish Chowder 4 ounces each fresh scallops, shucked clams, diced Florida red snapper 2 ounces each Golden Gulf crab meat, fresh peeled and deveined small shrimps, diced flounder 3 ounces each diced turnip, celery 6 ounces onion, diced 4 ounces carrots, diced 2 ounces scallions, sliced 1 quart half and half milkcream 4 ounces heavy cream 2 egg yolks 1/8 teaspoon each salt, cayenne pepper 2 teaspoons fresh dill, chopped 1/4 fresh Key lime 1 tablespoon cooking oilIn a preheated pot, place oil and all vegeta
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postwar era will see a strengthened system of sheikhly rule, backed by the military might of the United States.American calls for greater representation in Gulf governments will, they fear, only result in consultative councils or majaalis asshura, which have no power to veto the wishes of the king or ruling sheikh. The issue, they believe, is real democracy, or a fake version which guarantees the supremacy of the sheikhs. So far, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and the Sultan of Oman have spoken only of consultative councils.The Kuwaiti team leading this battle are an unlikely group of `evolutionaries.' Most are businessmen, who represent all facets of Kuwaiti political life: Westerneducated liberals, members of Islamic groups, and the powerful merchant community.First and foremost in their demands, says Ahmed alRubai, one of their leaders, is an ironclad guarantee from the Sabahs for an immediate return to democrac
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n, a playwright and children's books author, hit the ground running with a sight gag (a bald man listening to a story about hair, but you had to be there) that was a prelude for a series of funny yet provocative revelations. Silverstein's humor is always under control, flowing smoothly from the juxtaposition of the ohmygoshwhatnext disclosures (kleptomania and transsexuality) and the ohsoupscale tableau created by director Art Wolff and actors James Tolkan and Janet Zarish. But the prize in this box of Cracker Jack was a decidedly unfunny moment call it chilling when Ms. Zarish went from cool Upper East Side matron to ranting bag lady without missing a beat.``Painting a Wall,'' by South African playwright David Lan, was the festival's lone foreign work and the one most brimming with political ambitions. However noble it was, the play's reach exceeded its grasp. Artistically borrowing from Mark Twain, Athol Fu
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er he adequately understands the extremely complicated subject and has the political will to drive the bureaucracy to work out an agreement. Those in the administration who think an arms control agreement is achievable appear to be waiting for the Soviets to move before pressing the President.In any case, it is characteristic of Reagan's style to stick by his ideological position until the final hour, and then adjust his position and compromise.Administration officials suggest that, if a deal is to be struck, one of two pressures (if not both) would have to act on the President. He could conclude, on the basis of technical analyses, that accepting a proposed agreement was the best course for enhancing US security. Or he could determine that the political cost of rejecting a deal as shown by the reluctance of Congress to fund SDI, divisions within NATO, and adverse public opinion would be too high.``The barrel
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y of them will probably also be published on CDROM. The $20 million or so needed for the project's initial phase is being raised from private foundations.The Library of Congress may be the largest, but it's hardly the first institution to move toward a digital collection. Much of the private sector has already traveled far down that road. Many companies, such as US West, have put millions of pages of internal documents on line. Electronic lookup systems were pioneered by corporate librarians, says James Matarazzo, dean of the graduate school of library and information science at Simmons.Professor Matarazzo says, however, that the concept of ``virtual libraries'' can easily be overplayed. He doesn't expect to see libraries go totally electronic anytime soon. Even with reams of material available on computer, most people will still need help finding the specific information they need. Librarians, therefore, could
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y low turnout for the latest elections. Some local elections were postponed several times because of lack of votes. Some courts stopped functioning because nobody came to polling places to elect judges.If only 50 percent of the population participates in elections, it means that the other 50 percent doesn't realize what it means to make a free choice. That doesn't mean the first 50 percent voted with their eyes wide open. As election results show, people sometimes blindly give voice to those whom, in other circumstances, they won't even lend a hand.Here is a small but characteristic example of the Ukrainian Supreme Council elections: Knowing he would lose the campaignin the city, the first secretary of Cherkassy Regional Communist Party Committee went to a remote village to run his campaign there. My friends from the Politclub followed him to convince the villagers not to vote for him. The impoverished collecti
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messico , la corea del sud , e brazil.in il mercato del lusso sportivo , tuttavia , il prezzo sembra fare poca differenza . mercedes e bmw hanno subito pochi effetti negativi dagli aumenti dei prezzi hanno ordinato di compensare un mark.for sempre pi
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io svedese conservatore di palme inconcepibile come questo pu
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oro . le zone sono costati allo stato un totale di $ 31 milioni imposta revenue.measuring i vantaggi economici o svantaggi delle zone industriali non
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mento di studi slava presso l'universit
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mo . mr. adelman razionalizza pressioni amministrazione sul congresso per i fondi di riprendere la produzione di munizioni nervegas come un braccio di controllo measure.according a adelman , gas tossico
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goduto popolarit
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av oktober med november.autumn , d, i all sin prakt , r en apoteos inte ett requiem . hsten str som symbol fr rets lyriska , bultande naturen som godartade . idag kan jag inte undgdenna conclusion.right nr nyhetsmedia plikttroget registrera mrka vintrar vrldens tragedi , r ssongsbetonade explosioner av frg som erbjuder nya hjder av hope.sometimes som hoppas kommer ver pett verraskande stt . fr mnga r sedan , var jag backpacking upp longspeak mountain i estes park , colo ungefr halvvgs upp ( ca 2000 meter eller s) , jag kom ver en liten sj. vyn var hisnande . det var slutet av oktober och var ovanligt
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ird, knnte ein solcher denker sagen, dass die nukleare bedrohung ist nicht so wie insgesamt schell und die bischfe state.the richtige frage , zu paraphrasieren ein argument von harvard-professor joseph nye jr. machte , ist nicht `` was wert ist, verteidigt zu lasten der das
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erpriset fr sin rapportering frn indonesien .en av ssongens verraskning hits , the birdcage , r en remake av la cage aux folles , en fransk fars som fngslade amerikanska biobeskare nstan 20 r ago.the mindre tilltalande diabolique , med hollywoodstjrnan sharon stone och franska skdespelerskan isabelle adjani rita mord pen internatskola , tar sin historia och titel frn en klassisk fransk thriller frn 1955 . den nya komedin little indian , r big city en fransk produktion dubbad till engelska fr familjens tv-tittande . en annan komedi , hr med vuxna teman , fransk twist , spelar pus -skrmar i ett textade version.mo
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yees.clay freslr att arbetstagare gr igenom sina inkorgar metodiskt och noggrant varje morgon , och oftare vid behov . att vara frutsgbar i sitt svar r en viktig del av att vara en god kommunikatr , r hon adds.here strategier lera och andra anvnder fr att hantera elektroniska versvmning : glm inte telefonen . om din e-post har fler n tre punkter eller frgor , r du frmodligen bttre att ringa eller trffa ngon , nr du kan skrddarsy diskussion utifrn hans eller hennes svar . skapa ett varningssystem . anvnd colorcoding , teckensnitt och stilar fr att prioritera din inkorg . dessa visuella ledtrdar kan du k
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e kade grnser fr hardmoney donationer till enskilda kandidater upp frn $ 1.000 till $ 2.000 . dessutom, genom att styra vita huset och bda kamrarna i kongressen , kan republikanerna bygga pkraften i monopolstllning . tills valdagen , kommer varje resa bush tar alltmer ses och planeras genom linsen av politik , ven om det innehller officiellt presidents components.no tvivel tnker phur vicepresident gore fick smllde fr tvivelaktiga fundraising framtrdanden under 1996 , vicepresident cheney , som , som gore gjorde , kommer att spela en avgrande roll i fundraising mste bedma lmpligheten med varje steg . demokrater ,
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ob das konzept der frau als eine feministische magazin noch ein g
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nnskap med larm , undrar om deras gemenskap eftersom de visste att det slirar away.only 80some kvarter rakt ner fifth avenue och tydligt genom lsta och rostiga grinden vid mynningen av parken str empire state byggnad , fylld av bruset av midtown traffic.but just i det gonblick , r 5yearold elias moore och hans mor , sharelle som r bland de frsta att anlnda till parken frn sitt hem ett kvarter bort tnker inte av intrng , utan snarare av hur utmanande det r att lra sig att rida en bicycle.already luften skimrande med vrme , men ms moore springer fram och tillbaka med sin son , som hller en skyddande hand ver cykelns va
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ty, and hope to the civilian communities of these two border regions will along with the effective demilitarization of these zones provide a sturdy social and political underpinning for the maintenance of peace.True, there are forces on both sides of the IsraeliArab divide who remain distrustful of, or actively threatened by, the prospect of peace agreements on these two fronts.In Israel, some are unwilling to see the 17,000 civilian settlers implanted in Golan since 1967 forced to leave their homes there. And many Israelis fear that if their troops leave the strategic Golan Heights, then Syrian troops will move in to seize the strategic advantages that the Heights provide. But th
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ecause the major parties don't want to risk new elections.Most observers expect Amato to last only until the budget is passed and the lira is brought back into the EMS at least by January. But some analysts say that should be enough to ensure the start of Italy's stabilization.During the next six months, everything is at stake, says Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, president of the Bank of Italy. He particularly warned that the advantages to be drawn from the lira's effective 15 percent devaluation could be lost if inflation, now about 5 percent, rose again.Mr. Pedone says the devaluation should allow Italian industry to recapture some of its lost domestic market, such as for automobiles. The
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run. Why should anyone expect that unilateral action won't make the situation worse Look at the example of Iraq,says Mr. Sharawi.It seems the US is insisting on a UN deployment no matter what, and is ignoring the African Union and the Arab league, even the European Union. How can you succeed without respecting the regional organizations Yes, the African Union hasn't succeeded, but that's because they haven't been financially supported.Other analysts doubt the US is truly sincere in its tough rhetoric, saying that it appears the Bush administration is responding to US popular anger over the violence in Darfur, while ultimately avoiding creating the sorts of pressures that would
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ment by more than 50 percent and rising operating costs without an increase in revenue.These steps have been taken to help Fisk:* Education Secretary Terrel H. Bell has commissioned a task force on Fisk, which has recommended that the university restructure many of its operations and academic goals.Under the Bell program, Ponder and Fisk's trustees will work with a new board of advisers for one year in a managementassistace project. These advisers will be selected by college trustees, the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives, and the Education Department's Office of Postsecondary Education.* Fisk will conduct a national fundraising campaign to develop an endowment large
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Senate and House staff members and communicated with some legislators, it has not yet released the text of the agreement, a fact that has drawn some criticism. According to congressional sources, the House Foreign Relations Committee, which will hold hearings May 22, has asked the administration for the text by that time.It's silly that they won't show it early, because there won't be any changes in the wording,says an aide to Sen. John Glenn (D) of Ohio, a strong advocate of nuclear nonproliferation. They just want to put Congress at a tactical disadvantage.The President has yet to sign the agreement. This happens only after various executive agencies, including the Depart
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cent poll. The image hung on him by the president's defenders, that of an overzealous, prim prosecutor, is the one that has gained the most public currency.But he is a person, not a puritan, say his defenders. They claim his words will show a reasonableness that has so far been missing from his public persona.Indeed, his past legal record has shown instances of independence. He is not the doctrinaire conservative his critics portray.As a federal appeals court judge, he surprisingly ruled in favor of The Washington Post in a highprofile libel suit brought by former Mobil Oil president William Tavoulareas, for instance. As solicitor general under President Bush, Starr went against Whi
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t human rights will take a back seat. Before the SinoUS summit next year, besides negotiating the release of a few more dissidents, there likely will be no major breakthroughs in the administration's humanrights efforts. Unless there is another dramatic incident like the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, the US may not take the lead in vehemently criticizing China's humanrights abuses or take such drastic steps as economic sanctions.Wei's advice, while heard, may go unheeded. The highprofile White House meeting isn't likely to produce any substantial changes in current USChina policy. What it might do is appease humanrights groups critical of the US engagement policy with China. And for Wei
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nd down she asks.In Holland, the American athletes were greeted with an unexpected reminder of home. When we were sailing up the canal to Amsterdam, Dee recalls, a US destroyer was coming out. As they passed us, their band played `The Star Spangled Banner' and they all stood at attention. There wasn't a dry eye on our ship.With the words American Olympic Teams painted boldly on its side, the ship was a hotel for the athletes. Because they lived and ate most of their meals on the ship, they met few of the athletes from other countries until they competed, Dee says.The high jump has changed over the years, notes Dee. In my day, we did the scissors jump, and not this dive that they do
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the most hostas with the AHS, nearly 400 of the 3,515 registered hostas, providing each plant's history, including who cultivated, named, and brought it to market.Last year, Ruh registered the hosta Jean Ferris Ruh to honor his business partner and wife of almost 63 years. It joined Toots, a hosta that commemorates Jean's childhood nickname.I hear about hostas morning, noon, and night, says Jean with a smile. He has amazing recall. I can't begin to keep track of what he does.The hosta's origins lie in Japan, China, and the Korean peninsula. Today, experienced trackers can find wild hosta stands in Japan. They're still discovering them on [the base of] Mt. Fuji, Ruh says. These vari
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ches and seizures at the facilities of a secretive religious sect today, continuing an investigation that began with predawn raids at 25 locations around Japan yesterday.The police did not identify the group, called Aum Shinri Kyo or Aum Supreme Truth, as a suspect in the gas attack, saying the raids were connected to last month's abduction of a Tokyo notarial official whose sister was involved with the sect. But yesterday more information arose about the group that only added to earlier suspicions that it was responsible for the subway poisoning.Representatives of the group strongly denied any role in the attack, which killed at least 10 people and injured as many as 5,000, allegin
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holic Bishops says there is no systematized national tracking of the number of priests convicted of child sexual abuse. These things would not necessarily be reported to the bishops' conference, says Bill Ryan, a conference spokesman.While Catholics are the focus of recent media reports, dozens of ministers from other denominations have also been convicted. These include 10 Baptist ministers, five Methodists, three Pentecostals, and two Episcopal priests convicted or pleading guilty to sexual abuse of children since 1985.Still, victims groups, prosecutors, and others say most cases of child abuse by clergy never get as far as a prosecutor's desk, with many settled quietly out of cou
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ll as their constitutional right to keep their personal beliefs private.The documentary wisely does not delve deeply into their personal political affiliations, either on the theory that whether or not they were communists or had once belonged to the Communist Party was really irrelevant in the framework of the greater constitutional question of the right of privacy.Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklistis a passionate, compassionate, yet nonpolitical study of the longterm effects of the hearings on the people involved. It is a searing but sensitive investigation of the times, as observed by the wives and families of the Hollywood Ten,their defenders, and their accusers. The p
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got just 48.6 percent of the firstround vote. The votes he needed to get at least 50 percent and avoid a runoff were given in protest to two dissident candidates who were once members of Lula's Workers' Party.Sen. Heloisa Helena Lima de Moraes, who left Lula's party in disgust, took 6.9 percent of the vote, while Cristovam Buarque, Lula's former minister of education, got 2.6 percent. Geraldo Alckmin, the candidate of the elites and the Social Democratic Party who will face Lula Oct. 29, got 41.6 percent.Discrepancy between Lula's rhetoric about the poor and his actions caused a rebellion among his supporters in the first round and poses risks for the runoff.Senator De Moraes, a fi
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e welcome given to the Gevaert bid seems to contradict this statement. Mr. Lamy's comments on the same day were widely seen as too nationalistic. There are 279,000 Italians in Belgium. They form the largest minority group of the country's 10 million inhabitants. Most of them work in the service industry,one observer commented, and the Beligans don't like the thought of an Italian running their biggest company.News that De Benedetti had acquired an 18.6 percent stake in the Soci'et'e G'en'erale had emerged Jan. 18. In Belgium, there is no law requiring a shareholder to identify himself, no matter how large a stake he acquires in a company.But on Jan. 17, De Benedetti told La
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e necessity of continued subsidies.while there are no studies on the cost of implementing these measures, rough estimates based on the price of land and other factors indicate that they would cost no more and probably less than one year of funding at current subsidy levels. moreover, they would be a oneshot allocation, thus saving billions in coming years. it is to be hoped that thorough research on the cost of converting land to agricultural reserves or agroforestry will soon be undertaken.in light of the uncertainty of future ecological conditions, conserving agricultural land or converting it to agroforestry industries would appear to be a wise and timely measure and would provide a way out of what now stands as an increasing spiral of exorbitant subsidies stretching far into the future.a succession of opening scenes and projected tv news clips establish the basic facts of the case. authordirector mann quickly turns the stage over to a pair of symbolic antago
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behauptungen ist, dass gesprochen `` das 20. jahrhundert mit einer kunst, die nicht verstanden werden kann verflucht worden . die dekadenten k
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s y profesores es capaz de poner en pr
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writingwithlight | studio :: Aaron Peever - Elinchrom initiation
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iebt eine welle von gesetzlosen gewalt vor sich , als bewaffnete mnner ausnutzen fl
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n ] geld verdienen academische persen geld verliezen , ze says.o 'brien ermee eens dat de meeste vertalingen moeten worden gefinancierd : vertalingen moeten worden gesubsidieerd , zodat de beste vertaler zal worden afgestemd met het beste boek . elke zo vaak , een boek vindt een geschikte vertaler zonder hulp van buitenaf geld . edith grossman , een van de meest vooraanstaande vertalers van spaanse proza , is gekoppeld aan nobelprijswinnende auteur gabriel garcia marquez . zij is , in vele opzichten , de uitzondering op de regels van de vertaling markt . ze maakt haar brood als vertaler , en haar laatste vertaling , marquez 's of love and other demons , onlangs een amerikaanse bestseller . ik ben al heel gelukkig dat ik bijna altijd van de
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heeft al hulpgoederen verhuisd naar enscenering gebieden in fort bragg , nc fort ap hill , va en edison , njthe publiek heeft ook geleerd om waarschuwingen meer serieus te nemen , vooral in de nasleep van 11 september , aldus shea . de sleutel is als je dingen serieus nemen , je doet het juiste things.there is weinig twijfel dat delen van noord-carolina en virginia zwaar getroffen zal worden . sommige projecties zet de stormvloed op zeven tot 11 voet , die zouden overstromen kustlijn gebieden . krachtige wind zal waaien ook water inland.meteorologists zeggen een lichtpuntje is dat de storm niet rond zal hangen voor lang . er zal minder tijd aan regen gedurende een bepaalde locatie te zijn , zegt thomas baumgardner , national weather service hydroloog verantwo
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gende niveaus van het management , 43 districten en service centers , ieder district lopen als een minikingdom , en geen centrale irs e-mail systeem . er waren tegenslagen , vertragingen in de computer modernisering , government accounting office rapporten over irs mislukkingen , belastingbetaler terug versnipperd door de werknemers van een lockbox bank , en de achterstanden in de verwerking claims.it 's moeilijk om het werk betrokken zijn bij het draaien rond het agentschap voorstellen, maar rossotti , schrijven voor een publiek van nontax deskundigen ( zoals hijzelf ) , verlevendigt het boek met talrijke anekdotes , zoals die over de rallysport lied zijn collega's schreef over hem op de melodie van that's amore : als de code is zo dik / dat maakt het alle
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miss charles grassley , iowa don nickles , oklahoma conrad burns , mont . lauch faircloth , ncgrammgovernors : fife symington , ariz george w. bush , texassenators : kay bailey hutchison , texas robert smith , nh paul coverdell , ga john mccain , ariz jim inhofe , okla.alexandergovernor : don sundquist , tenn.senators : fred thompson , tenn bill frist , tenn.spectersen . rick santorum , penn.wilsongov . william weld , mass * bron : campagne en senaat personeelmaar noch campagne staat om vooruitgang te maken onder tieners die blijven krijgen verslaafd aan tobacco.now geweest , president clinton wil dat de federale regering om te proberen te voorkomen dat kinderen het roken . ik denk dat het roken onder jongeren moet worden verminderd en de overheid heeft d
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schrikken , en ik laat de veiligheid van het schip op te zetten reflecterende sleeptellers naar baltimore en atlanta . dit zijn twee van de vier weer en solarradiation meetlocaties genoemd naar de steden waarvan honkbal teams maakten dit jaar wimpelrassen . baltimore ligt ongeveer twee mijl achter de des groseilliers , zoals de sneeuwscooter reist . atlanta ligt op ongeveer een mijl aan stuurboord side.semmer en meneer militzer worden zowel ingenieurs hier om experimenten uitgevoerd door het national center for atmospheric research in boulder , colo.with een ruk aan de starter snoeren installeren , onze twee sneeuwscooters rommelen om het leven , en na radioing de brug te laten weten dat we vertrekken we het hoofd naar de markers.the veldwerk fase van het sh
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fort.in andere verplichte uitgaven trims zijn , is bush op zoek naar een $ 5000000000 vermindering boerderij commodity- programma's , en $ 16700000000 in hervormingen van de pension benefit guaranty corp.on belastingen , de fiscale pakket vrijgegeven maandag zou de overheidsinkomsten te verminderen met ongeveer $ 1700000000000 loop van de volgende 10 jaar . hiervan 1400000000000 $ zou komen van het maken van permanente belastingverlagingen eerder in bush presidency.these veranderingen doorgegeven , in combinatie met de voorspelde extra uitgaven voor de oorlog in irak en de orkaan opluchting , zou stellen het tekort stijgen tot een all time high van $ 423.000.000.000 in 2007 , onder blueprint.but bush algemeen het begrotingsplan toont een dalende tekort over d
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cilliers . men vraagt zich af of deze huidige crisis is geen onderdeel van het onvermijdelijke einde van de twee leiders , dat het de laatste beetje coldwar steigers worden verwijderd , en dat het zal een soort van passende politieke leiderschap in het region.mugabe herstellen wordt dagelijks compounding zijn land problemen als hij probeert om toenemende oppositie tegen te gaan , vooral als zijn lastige partij , de zimbabwe african national unionpatriotic front ( zanupf ) , hoofden in haar jaarlijkse congres in december.the zimbabwe congress of trade unions ( zctu ) heeft ontpopt als de enige echte oppositie tegen de overheid . het gensceneerde twee succesvolle stakingen deze maand en wordt opgeroepen tot 2002 de presidentsverkiezingen eerder worden gehoud
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wat er gaande is .de straten zijn gemiddelde , de tarieven oneerlijk , de politie hard op ticketing , en enkele een goed leven op het rijden . van de 40.000 vergunde taxichauffeurs in new york , 95 procent van hen zijn immigranten 70 procent uit india , pakistan en bangladesh . *** rafik bakijev , een joodse vluchteling uit tadzjikistan , verhuisde zijn vrouw en dochters naar new york toen zijn muslimruled republiek begon te onveilig voelen . hij praat over het rijden , over de etnische diversiteit van new york , en over het proberen om etnische identiteit in het gezicht van americanization.kwame fosu van ghana was een leraar in zijn land , en kwam naar de vs om hoger onderwijs te volgen handhaven . gearticuleerd en filosofische , hij beschrijft hoe hij kwam
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eel geld zit op de zijlijn , genoeg om een sterke aandelenmarkt rally brandstof . bij de laatste telling , sommige 2500000000000 $ zat in kortlopende geldmarktfondsen . als de rente verder dalen , zal het rendement van die fondsen vallen . ik het als hot geld te wachten om terug te gaan naar de markt , zegt de heer battipaglia.but eerste , zullen beleggers moeten erop kunnen vertrouwen dat deze middelen zullen niet zomaar verdwijnen zoals ze deden vorige week , toen de dow jones industrial average verloor 208 punten , de ergste daling in waarde sinds 1989 . de hightechoriented nasdaq -index naar beneden is ongeveer 60 procent van zijn hoog , en de broaderbased standard ampamp poor's 500 index is uitgeschakeld 25 percent.by historische normen , heeft de bred
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rhouden tuin , gescoord door nette lijnen van ontluikende vruchten en groenten , meneer sewell , of dread zoals hij bekend is , zegt hij kwam tot shashemene voor een threeweek vakantie drie jaar geleden en nooit left.this is de enige plaats dat als een zwarte man die ik vrij heb gevoeld . dat is wat trok me naar deze plaats, en dat is de reden waarom ik stayed.it is moeilijk om precies te weten wat sewell verwacht toen hij naar ethiopi , maar het is duidelijk dat de realiteit van het leven in een straatarme land niet helemaal aan de zoals het was in de dream.he werd zes keer beroofd omdat hij kwam tot 150 mijl ten zuiden van de hoofdstad , addis abeba wonen in shashemene en geeft toe dat er zijn genoeg momenten dat hij heeft overwogen terug te gaan naar lond
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varius , gebouwd in texas aampm.though natuurkunde niet kunt meten plezier , nagyvary 's spectrogram testen van open es en gs aan beide violen blijkt dat de resultaten voor het register tussen 4000 en 6000 khz de zone waar het menselijk oor is het meest gevoelig zijn vrijwel identiek , met nagyvary 's viool tentoonstellen als soms een schittering en resonantie als de echte stradivarius.but in het spel , zelfs de ongeoefende oor hoort een duidelijk verschil . de oxideburnished strad drijft via een saintsaens wals , een beroep op de aard van het mijmeren dat iedereen van john hersey naar georgie eliot tot tranen toe heeft gebracht . maar hetzelfde deuntje op nagyvary 's viool voorzien van 17e eeuw en harsen en ingezeept met lagen van cremoranstyle olin en lakk
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kopen air jordans vanwege michael , ze zijn ze te kopen omwille van wat het merk vertegenwoordigt ongevenaarde greatness.jordan , zijn airness de elegante atleet die de schoen en een daaropvolgende kledinglijn genspireerd is geworden evenzeer een symbool van nike als zijn beroemde swoosh logo.in feit , de beaverton , oregon , sportsapparel reuze spin-off jordan als zijn eigen divisie in 1997 . die arm is uitgegroeid tot een $ 500.000.000 baby. het logo , de jumpman , maakt jordan 's inflight silhouet die vertrouwd zijn, splayedlegged vorm hij aannam tijdens die tonguewagging , leapfromthefoulline dunks.nike danken aan de hoogstarter jordaan . door 1985 converse een cultus volgende voor zijn canvassided chuck taylor all stars had gewonnen . maar deze nieuwe
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ing but added that it would not alter the reality of having to accommodate separate ethnic groups.A no vote would lead to the resignation of De Klerk and the ruling National Party government. A general election would follow in which the Conservative Party would be the favorite.About 27 million black South Africans, who are excluded from the poll tomorrow, are watching from the sidelines with intense interest, aware that the outcome could mean the difference between a return to apartheid repression and the beginning of a new order in which they would gain the right to vote.If the whites make a mistake and vote for repression they are in for a hard time, says African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, who, while opposing the whitesonly poll in principle, has urged whites to vote yes.There would be unprecedented turmoil in this country if whites voted 'no', he warns.Mr. Mandela says the result of the referen
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ion is open to new ideas, and the idea currently seizing its attention is privatization. The board is in the early stages of exploring a deal with Education Alternatives Inc., a Minneapolisbased firm known for its management of a dozen public schools in Baltimore.``There are serious problems to be addressed, and the traditional ways haven't produced the desired results,'' says Annette Markham, administrator for the Hartford school board. The option of a business arrangement with EAI is being carefully weighed, she says, quickly adding that a final decision is still a ways off.Contrary to some reports in the press, says Ms. Markham, the school board is not ready to jump into EAI's arms. The Hartford officials want a trip to Baltimore to examine the schools run by the company there, and they also want further public forums at which Hartford residents can air their questions and concerns.The most vocal concerns to
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he market quickly,'' he says. ``Individuals probably shouldn't be doing this.''Program trading's exact role in the Dow Jones industrial average's record fall Monday and the record share volumes Monday and Tuesday, of 604.8 million and 608.1 million respectively, is hard to determine, for a couple of reasons.First, market data was running up to two hours late, as computers strained to keep up with sell orders. ``The tape was lagging, and the computers couldn't calculate profits,'' Blume says.Second, after last Friday's fall of 108 points, people were ready to sell. ``The closest comparison to make is that the market is people in a movie theater, and portfolio insurers are those who run first at the smell of smoke,'' says James Engle, a vicepresident at Wood, Struthers ampamp Winthrop, New York.Portfolio insurers practice a technique closely connected with program trading. ``Investors determine their risk aversio
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the public and a willingness to come to grips with important features of the problems arising from the production and use of hazardous substances.In legislating in this area, Congress must come to realize that the fundamental shortcoming is not the availability of money to clean up hazardous wastes. Rather, it is our unwillingness as a nation to accept the location of new disposal locations adequate to our production demands or to look upon environmental pollution not as a sinful act, but as an activity costly to society but susceptible to economic incentives.The second which seems to be developing into the consensus view in West Germany is that Moscow is acting not out of design but out of sheer frustration. In this interpretation the SovietEast German dispute is very real indeed.Up until July 27 either theory could have been argued from the evidence, but the edge probably went to the first one. Since then
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ust sign this act, which restricts what agents are allowed to disclose, either during or after their careers.Producers say they create story lines that they run by former agency operatives, who give hints about what works and what doesn't. But, he says, the show is as much about the evolution of the characters as it is about plot lines.We provide the narrative satisfaction of a great, Bondlike ... story, Wolstencroft says, but we want to make the stories psychologically intimate. We want to see the impact of these career choices on people's real lives.For those who want to know more about the inner workings of an American intelligence agency, The FBI opens with Mr. Mueller being bri
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ellees were a dangerous religious force.Just when it seemed that Israel might soon have to recant and return these 415 men to their land and families, all prospect of this outcome vanished. Instead of a heartening announcement from the State Department of breakthroughs, what we heard was a shattering explosion at the World Trade Center in the heart of New York's financial district. Quickly, everyone's mind became focused on the alleged involvement of militant Muslims in what is described as the worst terrorist act on United States soil.Warren Christopher, the new US secretary of state and successor to James Baker III who had committed the US to finding a Middle East peace formula, b
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uards by surprise. The grand strategist of a drug trade that commands most of the world's cocaine flow was then flown straight to Bogota, Colombia's capital, where he was interrogated by antinarcotics police and put under tight security.A carnival atmosphere filled the main hall of police headquarters with police staff packing surrounding balconies, showering streamers and confetti down on top police commanders. Amid wild cheering, like a barbarian being shown at a Roman circus, the cartel kingpin was eventually exhibited before the media looking tired and bewildered.Hunted manAs boss of the Cali cartel, Rodriguez Orejuela dropped out of sight in the late 1980s after his involvement
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t on Central America.The Carnegie Endowment is prohibited from publishing for partisan purposes. And the 17 authors of the book entitled Central America: Anatomy of Conflict, were not told to produce an alternative to the Kissinger report, much less a Democratic alternative. But the book is clearly a different source of information and is, in effect, being regarded by some specialists as a Democratic alternative to both the Kissinger report and Reagan administration policies.The Carnegie book's authors do not agree on every point. Indeed, they strongly disagree on some. But in contrast with the Kissinger report, the majority of the 17 authors argue that the United States must m
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rs, the Californias would have six. Others consider this logic as valid as fool's gold. Division, they argue, would only diffuse the state's economic and political power. If we put this measure before the voters, we legislators are saying we don't believe California is governable anymore, says Assemblyman Ross Johnson (R) of Fullerton.Behind the move are tensions that have always made California Janusfaced: north versus south, rural versus urban, rich versus poor. There have been 26 attempts to break up the state since 1859.Historian Kevin Starr says one other dimension of the current movement is concern in northern and central California about illegal immigration and the increasing
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n rising from abject poverty to hitherto unattained posts for someone of his race does himself a disservice.Nonetheless, this account of how Rowan brought his own trained intelligenceto bear in the service of his country and his readers makes for a memorable memoir.IN Native American Testimony, editor Peter Nabokov es a Hidatsa Indian in l914 who realizes a clear difference between the white man and the Indian. Whites pace back and forth in their rooms, said the Indian, but Indians sit quietly. To a great degree, books written today by nonIndians reflect a caring part of United States culture. This part likes to pace back and forth, and then encapsulate Indian history and issu
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fer of counterterrorism assistance to the Clinton administration in 1997. He is chairman of Crescent Investment Management in New York.But now, prosecutors seem to be tripping over one another to get the first shot at putting alleged serial sniper John Allen Muhammad and his teenage companion, John Lee Malvo, on trial for mass murder.The rush for custody is in part a grab by prosecutors for political clout a week before elections. Add to that a heated debate over the need for efficient use of the death penalty, and the case against Messrs. Muhammad and Malvo begins to resemble more a legal freeforall than a careful attempt to achieve a measure of justice.Everyone in this region felt
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ressava da molto tempo. Non l'avevo mai ritenuta fattibile per me, poich non pensavo che mi avrebbe pagato le tasse universitarie. Invece funzion tutto!Tramite il tenero aiuto di Dio, quello stesso lavoro ha continuato a soddisfarmi profondamente fino a oggi, uso le mie capacit pi di quanto avrei potuto fare in qualsiasi altro tipo di lavoro. Tutte le mie necessit sono state soddisfatte, compreso il pagamento dei miei debiti.I pensieri di Dio di consolazione e speranza eliminano la paura tanto efficacemente oggi, quanto in quel primo Natale. Non importa se odi il tuo lavoro, se sei malato, o se hai qualsiasi altro problema ci che proprio ora sembra terribile, pu diventare un'opportu
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are concentrated, and moving to the provinces, where government troops are outnumbered by tightlyorganized communities, which are likely to see the killing of any of their members in terms of the local rules of blood feuds rather than in political terms. This can make the manageability of the Egyptian situation more difficult than many analysts have imagined. Furthermore, the widening of the conflict from Cairo to the provinces is a sign that Egypt has crossed a significant threshold from precrisis to crisis.Other legal political parties are similarly labeled. The only group with an ideology that could mobilize millions is the Islamists.Many Egyptians dissatisfied with the current situation are on the sidelines, waiting to see who wins the political struggle. It appears certain that it is not likely to be Mr. Mubarak. America's continued financial and political support for his regime makes many Egyptians see t
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that wind may prove to be a more important weather indicator than surface pressure and temperature a point certain to be debated among meteorologists.Mr. Mango, a Cleveland native who recently moved here to become marketing director for Accountants Microsystems, Inc. (AMI), gazes out of the window and says, ''There is a beauty and serenity here which is conducive to creative thinking. And a little creativity can make all the difference in a major software project.''Surprisingly, even what is often considered the area's greatest drawback its long, gray, rainy winters is viewed as an asset by those working here.''The secret of Seattle is its climate. The weather is mild, so outdoor recreation is possible year around. But it's not so nice and sunny that it is hard to stay indoors working,'' comments Hal Glatzer, a successful computerbook author.With its high quality of life, opportunities for outdoor recreatio
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t do well to encourage waste transfer to less developed countries, where pollution and longterm threats to health have less priority than in developed countries.The memo caused a furor in this region, which is just now beginning to address the problem of toxic waste, both locally produced and imported. Partly in response, a Brazilian official said his country will propose a ban on international toxic waste trade at the preparatory meeting being held this month in New York for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in June.Brazil has to adopt a new stance on the problem of dangerous waste, the official told the Brazilian business daily Gazeta Mercantil. We have to work for the reduction of waste generation at the source. The existing international conventions do not afford enough protection, he added, exposing countries such as Brazil to smuggled toxic waste.Many Latin American countries lo
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ort, having caught its legal a for the year.Americans are tempted by history and economics to cross the line, which divides the rich Georges Bank fishing grounds. American and Canadian fishermen have cast their nets there for centuries. Until the 1970s, they were considered international waters.At that time, nations began to extend their ``exclusive economic zones'' for fishing, oil drilling, and mining to 200 miles offshore. In many areas, such as the Gulf of Maine, national claims overlapped.The US and Canada were unable to agree on where the boundary in the Gulf should be drawn. A treaty was negotiated in 1979, but the US Senate refused to ratify it on the grounds that it favored Canadian fishermen.So the two countries agreed to take the matter to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. In 1984, the court, using a complicated formula, drew the Hague Line, which has since served as the boundary bet
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g wiretap laws.New York, Washington, California, Pennsylvania, and other states are considering roving wiretap provisions. They mimic new federal eavesdropping laws and allow authorities to track a suspect as he or she moves from phone to phone, rather than having to get a warrant each time.Advocates say roving taps are crucial in the modern world of cellphones and other hightech telecommunications devices. But the roving issue raises civilliberties concerns: If, for instance, a suspect uses a neighbor's phone, that phone could be tapped.Most state proposals would add the roving element only for terrorismrelated taps. But some observers think this could open the door to roving taps
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heir children to do their own mapreading and to keep a log of miles and finances keeping track of daily expenses for tolls, food, and gas.On a recent trip to Tampa, Fla., from the Boston area, Linda Sjoberg drove alone with her 21/2yearold daughter, Molly, as far as Charleston, W.Va. There she joined a friend with two young sons, and they continued the trip together.To keep Molly occupied during the first part of the trip, Mrs. Sjoberg set up the backseat as a play area. Playthings included a lunch box filled with a new set of small toys, some favorite dolls, and a set of books organized in zipper bags. When she got sleepy, Molly snuggled into a quilt and pillows.In the front seat
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to fortify himself against all odds and hardships.Now it is just here, in the meaning the story conveys, that the poetic storytelling of Donald Hall (an exceptionally brilliant theorist on writing, and poet laureate of New Hampshire) is epitomized. There is indeed a wealth of high ideals embodied in the story. But they're shown, not dictated they emerge from the living texture of the story itself and are therefore all the more moving and inspiring.The man in the story is not overtly romanticized. But the feeling of enduring affection and even reverence we have for him brings forth the natural romanceof a writer's straightforward feeling for something genuinely worth feeling fo
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nations.As we think about the elements that lead to conflict, we find that our concerns are not so much with weapons and armaments as with habits of thought, attitudes, mental tendencies. It is this outlook that has so much influence on the direction a nation takes both with its economy and with its actions on the international stage. And we see the effect of these elements in our own lives as we make the choice between living in peace with others or fighting little skirmishes each day.Conflict, by its very nature, suggests that there are warring factions whose desires cannot be satisfied except through battle. Its root is the belief that man is material and that each of us has a separate mind that is potentially opposed to everyone else's. This belief is illustrated by something as tragic as one person killing another person. But family feuds, enmity between neighbors, cutthroat business practices, are all ex
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ous, the cowbards sing of horses and cattle, lariats and Stetson hats. They evoke in lavish metaphors the wild beauties of mountain and prairie, wind and fire, and man free of possessions beyond his bedroll and his saddle. A profound respect for the past of Native American culture and for the ecological needs of the present run through much of the poetry. Barnyard realism is mixed with the romantic longing for the past when the ranges were owned by no man.The Colorado Cowboy Poets Gathering also featured craft exhibits and demonstrations, a complete antique ranchhouse interior, whittled cowboy sculpture, and a fantastic photographic exhibition. Saddles, bridles, horsehair hitching, weaving, furnituremaking, and quilting help define the lifestyle. But in the elegant photo portraits by Douglass Kent Hall and the rodeo shots by Sue Rosoff the cowboy soul springs into view.Sadeyed cowhands stare stoically into Hall
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that manage well will be able to go back to Congress to ask for more funds and demonstrate the true need, according to Mr. Sawyers.While tribal authorities are glad to receive housing money with almost no strings attached, they say no one can really predict how block grants will affect Indian housing and how tribes will cope.Now we have to put the money with the real numbers and the funding to the theory, Sawyers says.United States officials say Iran has built a largescale chemical weapons production program and hidden parts of it with the possible aim of circumventing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).The Iranians have sought to mask their activities, says one official. Anothe
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ger, Daniel B. Wood, and Robert Marquand contributed to this report.Grinning boyishly, Mr. Stephanopoulos denies the presence of a White House enemies list.Interrupting him, Mr. Hewitt says, The last time Clinton was on `60 Minutes' he was Gary Hart,in hot water over allegations of marital infidelity. And [then] that night he became the nominee.... You have not talked to us since that day.Hewitt and Stephanopoulos faced each other at the 15th annual Brown University/Providence Journal conference titled: America's Media: Are They Out of Controlending today. Their exchange was not just about access to the president, or recalling the impact of the 60 Minutesprogram
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as much. Leon Edel has edited two volumes of it for the Library of America. And now William Veeder and Susan M. Griffin have made a selection of the criticism for a onevolume, annotated edition. Their compact, lucid, and remarkably readable commentaries and notes along with a highly differentiated index which includes concepts as well as persons provide the basis for a reading of the complete James.In his earliest criticism, written in the first third of his career, James sounds a little like one of his minor American characters, reacting with moral squeamishness while pointing out want of taste in others, especially when the Gallic imaginationis involved.By the 1890s, howeve
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role in the Middle East will rapidly fade if the US permits itself to be dragged into the Lebanese affair, focusing on Lebanon alone, and gradually pitted against Syria and the Palestinians. There may be some people in the current Israeli government who favor such a development. The recent statements by Israeli leaders, branding the Syrians as the principal perpetrators of the bombing outrage committed against the US Marines, seemed designed to incite the American public against the Syrians.An America engaged against the Syrians and the Palestinians, however, would be an America without any capacity to mediate on behalf of peace in the Middle East, and it would be also an America t
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eciated the quality of panelists' questions thus far. But asking the right questions tops the list of a leader's responsibilities. The questions show which direction he is looking. They focus the attention and energies of his staff. Somehow, with all the clutter of theorizing, analysis, and reportage, it seems there are far more inadequate answers than good penetrating questions. We would prefer that the candidates had an opportunity to question each other. But for the moment at least, the media panel format is the one we have, so it must do.There are roughly five major foreign policy areas to be addressed. Beginning nearest home, they are Central America and the third world Europe
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n Plymouth, N.H., and Washington State University in Pullman.But if anything, the confrontations seem to have made administrators more determined. Michigan State President M. Peter McPherson said the students' behavior will not be tolerated and that the university supports vigorous prosecution of those arrested.That may be good news for students who are seeking a substancefree atmosphere at schools and a red flag for the fraternities that are on the front lines of the debate.The strength of feeling about whether fraternities will increasingly go dry can be found along the leafy great Greek way of Ann Arbor's Washtenaw Avenue.Phi Delta Theta, a oncegrand brick home with shutters tha
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tern experts can go into the third world and make life wonderful for the native inhabitants.noting that the destruction of ``immune systems'' in the original environments has often resulted, feyerabend often es f.a. von hayek's great work ``constitution of liberty'' against interventionism.feyerabend believes that politics is somewhat related to love. ``it respects people, considers their personal wishes, does not `study' them whether by polls or by anthropological field work.... in a word: politics, rightly understood, is firmly `subjective.'''he is a dramatic writer and thinker reading him, one has to look up to shake off the feeling that one is reading a dialogue by plato with the brilliant young sophist holding forth.at other times he can sound like montaigne: ``i have little love for the educator or moral reformer who treats his wretched effusions as if they were a new sun brightening the lives of those living in darkness i despise the socalled teachers who
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writingwithlight | studio :: Aaron Peever - Elinchrom initiation
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writingwithlight | studio :: Aaron Peever - Elinchrom initiation
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